Interview with Merrin, Progressive Death Metal Band from Syria

Interview with Merrin, Progressive Death Metal Band from Syria, Interview with Merrin Progressive Death Metal Band from Syria

Interview with Merrin, Progressive Death Metal Band from Syria

Merrin is Progressive Death Metal Band from Syria. Merrin are Tarek Malahefji (Guitars /song writing /Bass) and Khaled Nashar (vocals). Tarek Malahefji gave us some information about Merrin, Syria Metal Scene and Situation in their Town.

Tell us about Your Merrin?
Well merrin was basically a one man band project which i started last summer,i was at a low point in my life,and i suddenly started writing music ,and now im recording a 4 song ep.

What are lyrical themes of Merrin?
Well my lyrical themes are mostly metaphorical so im basically influenced by my personal life ,and the atmosphere around me plays a big part.

What are your influences?
I was basically influenced by the early 80's Thrash scene, Megadeth played a big part in my musical identity ,at the same time i try to combine the elements of the Death/Doom scene such as My Dying Bride, but at the moment, Prog and Old School Heavy Metal is the sound that im going for.

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Syria?
Well the metal scene in Syria is in a shitty situation sadly, lots of bands broke up over the last 4 years and lots of musicians traveled abroad, but some bands are still trying to publish some efforts such as Chained, Demsark, and Rockna.

Who are Your Favorite Syrian Metal Band?
Anarchadia (inactive), Haunted Cellar (they released a killer ep.last year), Psychiatric Delusions (Split-up), and over half a dozen of killer bands.

Your Country invaded by Terrorist (Western backed Jihadist), How did the recording process go?
Cool question ! Well the instruments were recorded in my home studio and the vocals were recorded in Lattakia in u.ground studio (mixing, mastering, and producing) were done by my good friend Mahmoud Muhammad. The man, the same guy behind the one man band chained.

OK, Sorry if this Question Out of Topic. How about situation in Your Town?
Well i dont actually live in Aleppo, I travel between Lattakia and Damascus, but it’s pretty chaotic.

I hope peace come to your country. What are you future plan?
Thanks alot, well .graduate college, travel to europe or the us and form a band and look for a label.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Probably Opeth, Dream Theater, Haken, Megadeth, and Skid Row, Khaled the vocalist is a monster with old school style singing, he can hit any high note that you can imagine.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Probably Sweden, it has a thriving metal scene, the us of course.

Any Last Words?
Well, i was really pleased that you found out about our debut track in some way, and i want to thank you for this opportunity, and helping us by doing this interview, cheers! \m/

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