Interview with Perception Confused, Progressive Metal Band from German

Interview with Perception Confused, Progressive Metal Band from German

Interview with Perception Confused, Progressive Metal Band from German

Perception Confused is German Heavy Metal with prog influences of acts like Nevermore, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning and Dream Theater.. They’re gave us some information about their Band and Metal Scene in Their Town. Check it out.

Introduce us to Perception Confused:
We are Perception Confused from Germany, founded in January 2014 by Daniel Treude (Guitar), Marcel Schneider (Drums) and Marius Heinrich (Bass).
Guitarist Niklas Busch completed our groups line-up by joining the band in summer 2014. After all of us were able to gain experience in previous projects we formed this formation to follow our passion for Heavy Metal music.

What are the lyrical themes of Perception Confused ?
The lyrics are often inspired by sociocritical issues  and dystopian. Our latest EP discusses the creation of virtual worlds and the durable surveillance in the world wide web.

What are your influences ?
There are many genres that can be found in our material, but primarily our music is defined by the influence of Bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Nevermore.

Can you tell us about the metal scene in your town ?
Since we all grew up in small towns or villages, we’ve got to state that there is no big scene where we are coming from. Well, of course there are bands coming from this area, but in most cases these groups represent genres like Hardcore or Metalcore; and Coverbands as well. Other genres are much harder to find.

Who are Your Favorite German Metal Band?
We have a lot of great artists out here, but we can’t name all. Some of th german bands we really like are Blind Guardian, Rage, Gloryful and Helloween.

What does the future holds for a new album ?
Our self-written Debut-EP is meant to be a first presentation of what we do. We are already working on new material for an album. The themes from our EP will be progressed in the material.

How do you think your music will progress in the future ?
 Of course we are still open for different influences on our music, but we will remain true to ourselves and continue with what we are already doing.

Are there any countries you’re interested touring or performing in ?
 we take what we get ;)

What bands would you like to play alongside ?
Hard to say since there are so many great bands out there but sharing the stage with any band that influenced us would be a pleasure.

Any last words ?
Thanks for having us and keep it true !

 Perception Confused:

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