Review: Giant of the Mountain - The Empty Quarter

Review: Giant of the Mountain - The Empty Quarter

The Empty Quarter, the EP from American Underground Prog Metal, Giant of the Mountain. This EP released on May 27th, 2016 via Burning Dogma Records.

1st track, Crawl. Heavy Guitar Riffs, Melodic, Mixed Vocals and Great Guitar Solo. 2nd track, A Dream So Deep. Prog, Melodic, Blast and Dark. Black and Sludge Vocals. 3rd track, Instinct. 95% Harsh and 5 Clean Vocals. Melodic, Sludge and Prog. 4th track, Into Dust. An instrumental prog ending song.

Changeable tempo on every songs, from Sludge until the Black. First track and Second track to show a Great Guitar Solo. Sludge Riffs and Melodic Lick.
The Empty Quarter is Great Progressive Melodic Blackened Sludge Metal. Buy Now, Here.
Score: 98%
Giant of the Mountain:

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