Reviews: Acheronte – Ancient Furies

Reviews: Acheronte – Ancient Furies

Reviews: Acheronte – Ancient Furies

First Full Length Album from Italian Underground Black Metal Band, Acheronte. This album released on June 13th, 2016 via Satanath Records. This album listen on this blog as Best Black Metal Cover in June 2016.

1st track, Addicted To War (Assurnasirpal II). Talk about Assyrian King. This song is Melodic and Drums like Mahcine gun. 2nd track, Destroyer For The Glory (Alexander The Great). Glorious, Melodic and Blasting. 3. Ancient Persecutor Of Christianity (Diocletian). Talk about a Roman Emperor, this song have a some Death Metal influence. 4th track, Flagellum Dei (Attila). Attila the Hun, this song is Blasting and Without Guitar Solo.

5th track, The Lame One (Timur Barlas). This song talk about Mongol-Turkish Leader, Timur Lenk or Tamerlane. This song is Dark, Blasting and Noisy Cymbal with some Death Metal Influence. 6th track, The Lord Impaler (Vlad III). Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracul. It’s very War. 7th track, Bloods For The Gods (Ahuitzotl). Talk about 8th Aztec Ruler. A War song With some accoustic element and Full Blasting like previous tracks..

Tell about Great Leader, an Insane War Album. This’s Great Historical Black Metal Album.
Score: 92%
Reviews: Acheronte – Ancient Furies

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