Reviews: Berserker - Dark Worlds Collide (2016)

Reviews: Berserker - Dark Worlds Collide (2016)

Reviews: Berserker - Dark Worlds Collide (2016)

Was recorded, mastered and mixed in 2015 by Rimtautas Piskarskas from “Muzikos Laboratorija”, Vilnius based recording studio. Album features 7 songs and 2 interludes. Released on June 30th, 2016 via Sliptrick Records.

1st track, Intro. Just an Intro. 2nd track, Dark Worlds Collide. Soft Female Vocal, Low Harsh Male Vocals, Excellent Flute and Splendour Keyboard sound. 3rd track, Warhell. Started with Drum Roll Military Parade. This’s War song, sadness, losses and despair after war. This’s song describe war is hell. Stop war, Now!!! 4th track, Madness Machine. Just a Folk Hard Rock song.

5th track, The Day Human Died. The Beauty and The Beast, and Folk Power. More beast than previous tracks. 6th track, Wolf. Longest track on this album, longest and soft. 7th track, Prelude. 8th track, Viking Ship. Talk about a journey of the Vikings. This song is Very Viking, although they’re Baltic.

Great Lithuanian Viking!!!!
Score: 90%
Reviews: Berserker - Dark Worlds Collide (2016)

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