Reviews: Blodwen - Winter Falls

Reviews: Blodwen - Winter Falls

Reviews: Blodwen - Winter Falls

From Blodwen Bandcamp “Second full-length album of the Indonesian-based symphonic rock/metal quintet Blodwen. [Winter Falls] is also the last part of the "Autumn-Winter Project" started with [When Autumn Ends] EP back in 2013. Including secret bonus track in full album download.  This album is an re-issue after the band departed with their ex-European label. Songs in [Winter Falls] have been remixed, remastered and re-recorded prior to release.”

1st track, Intro. The opening like a Fantasy Music soundtrack. 2nd track, For A New World. Operatic Vocal with some Middle Eastern influence. The Beauty of the Darkness. 3rd track, Ghost Town. Beauty Voice with Melancholic Symphony and Heavy Riffs. Great Guitar Solo and Dark. 4th track, Sebuah Pesan Untuknya. Although the music is powerful, but this song so Melancholic. Neoclassical Guitar solo, made this song is the Beauty of Melancholic.

5th track, Lovelorn. When the Angel sing a sadness song. This’s Lovelorn. A song started with Dark Piano sound. From 03:11 music to change to rather Heavy until the end. 6th track, Running Out Of Time. Not melancholic song. But, Good Diminished Guitar lick and Good Synth on the Reffs part. 7th track, Tales From The Darkside. Semi-instrumental song. Excellent Neoclassical Guitar Lick. 8th track, Niccolo's Fantasy. A cooling down track.

9th track, Rabbit Hole Suite. Awesome song. Sing like an Angel, Great Neoclassical Guitar and Evil Laugh on the last part. 10th track, World on Fire. It’s very neoclassical. A track with Great Guitar lick. 11th track, White Winter Night. Easy listening ending song.

Melancholic, Neoclassical and Modern. This’s Winter Falls.
Score: 98%

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