Reviews: Spheron - A Clockwork Universe

Reviews: Spheron - A Clockwork Universe

Reviews: Spheron - A Clockwork Universe

A Clockwork Universe, 2nd Full Length Album from German Underground Tech-Death Band, Spheron. A Clockwork Universe released on February 26th, 2016 via Apotasy Records.

1st track, Keeper of Time and Space. An Instrumental song with Space Ambient and Industrial element. 2nd track, The Blind Watchmaker. Music composition like Dark Tranquillity, but Full Blasting, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean) and Guitar Solo is so Excellent. 3rd track, Plains of Hungary. A little bit Thrash Metal, and Middle Eastern Melodic. 4th track, Pendulum. A mid tempo Death Metal song with some Accoustic Guitar element and some Clean Vocals. I like a Death Metal song with Clean Vocal and Accoustic Guitar.

5th track, Gargantua. Music composition like Death (Official), but with some Accoustic Guitar element. 6th track, Building a Storm. Started with Excellent Guitar Lick, Evil and Madness composition with Jazz Guitar Solo. 7th track, My Master’s Work. 4 minutes 29 seconds madness, Full Blasting and Great Guitar Solo. 8th track, Bound in Empty Jars. Started with Excellent Minor Guitar Lick. This's longest track on this Album. Brutal, some Accoustic, and some Clean Vocals. This's Great ending.

Blasting of Anger and Madness Composition, this’s A Clockwork Universe
Score: 97%

Reviews: Spheron - A Clockwork Universe

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