Interview with Axioma, Progressive Death Metal Band from Italy

Interview with Axioma, Progressive Death Metal Band from Italy, Interview with Axioma Progressive Death Metal Band from Italy

Interview with Axioma, Progressive Death Metal Band from Italy

Axioma is Progressive Death Metal Band from Italy. They're are Riccardo Montecchiarini - Vocals, Gabriel Luigi Lattanzio - (Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics), Andrea Augeri - Guitars, Jacopo Greci - Electric Bass, and Jamil Zidan - Drums, percussions. Gabriel, Jacopo, and Andrea gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Axioma?
Gabriel: We are a metal band with many influences but with the main goal to be death metal. Listening to many music genres brought to us nice ideas and we try to merge them in a solid work, "Monolith" is also our cd-title for this reason.

What are lyrical themes of Axioma?
Gabriel: The lyrics are influenced by philosophy mainly and are about the relationship beetwen humanity and divinity, self consciousness, time and knowledge.

What are your influences?
Jacopo: Our main influence are the death metal bands from the 90s, Death, Cynic, Opeth, Atheist, and the modern dissonant such as the late Gorguts, Ulcerate and Nero di Marte. Other than that every members in the band have is own personal music culture and preference outside the metal genre. We listen a lot of post-rock, jazz, classical, 70s prog, trip hop, folk...

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
Andrea: There are a lot of metal bands in Rome, but few venues, so it’s hard to keep on playing original music, specially extreme music.
Jacopo: In this city were born some of biggest contemporary European death metal band, like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance, but they don't play so many shows here or in Italy in general.

Who are Your Favorite Italian Metal Band?
Gabriel: Nero di Marte, without any doubt.

How were the songs written?
(Gabriel) The usual way is: I write the main riff and structures, then I pass the tabs to Jacopo and Andrea to bring new ideas and melodies and work on the structures together; then Jamil writes his drums line (based and similar on what we had in mind), then, as the final state, lyrics and voice.

How did the recording process go?
(Jacopo) It went well, for some of us this was the first time in the studio but it was all fun, recording music is a beautiful experience. The production was kinda low budget, we are all students so we don't have so much finances, but we are happy of our performance and for the final product. Monolith sound a bit like the old 90s albums and we like this, maybe is not heavy as modern production has accustomed us, but it have a lot of dynamic and evolve a lot during the listening.

What are your future plan?
(Andrea) Now we’re focused on Monolith promotion on the internet and whit concerts, but there are some cool ideas for new songs, so we hope to catch the attention of a record label for the next album in order to have more visibility. But it all depends on the reaction of the listeners, of course.. if people likes us the band will grow.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
(Andrea) Well, playing in the big European festivals, like the Wacken open air or the Hellfest, would be great! Also a tour in the USA or North Europe could be a great opportunity for the band! But we are a little independent band whit no label or agency, first of all we have to build a fanbase here in Italy.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Gabriel: Nero di Marte, Ulcerate and Gorguts.

Any last words?
(Jacopo) Go to listen our EP “Monolith”! You can found it on our youtube channel, totally for free. If you like our music you can download it via bandcamp or buy the physical copy.


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