Interview with CelticrÖm, Female Fronted Folk Metal Band from Madrid

Interview with CelticrÖm, Female Fronted Folk Metal Band from Madrid, Interview with CelticrÖm Female Fronted Folk Metal Band from Madrid

Interview with CelticrÖm, Female Fronted Folk Metal Band from Madrid

CelticrÖm is Female Fronted Folk Metal Band from Madrid, Spain. They're J.I. Oliva - Drums, Goku Sevilla - Flute, Diego Martín - Guitars, J.L Piris F - Guitars, Belén Arteaga - Violin, and Yohana Cano - Vocals. CelticrÖm gave us some information.

Tell us about CelticrÖm?
Celticröm appears in 2014 as a project focused on folk-metal but, as the time went on, our style was molded into something which is hard to place in a specific branch of that genre.

What are lyrical themes of CelticrÖm?
Our inspiration grows from a reflective point of view towards the things that surround the human being, an unforgiving self-critic against injustices and a rebel yell against this life that sometimes tries to put us down

What are your influences?
We don’t have a hardly set confined style or a reference band to follow. We mix the variety of influences that each member brings on in a celtic folk cauldron and cook them on a hard rock fire.

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
In a cosmopolitan city such as Madrid you can find every style of metal or any other music but we can say that there were better times for metal here in terms of popularity. There is a not style predominant among the others; in most of the metal venues that are left it is possible to hear things from classic rock to extreme metal.

Who are Your Favorite Spanish Folk Metal Band?
That must be “Mägo de Oz“, they were among the pioneers of celtic folk metal not only in Spain but in the world.

How were the songs written?
When composing, we often start with the lyrics and we keep summing ideas from each band member. Then we structure these ideas together and boom! our new hit is born.

How did the recording process go?
It was a great experience. We felt at home in the studio and we are grateful for the implication and advice of the sound engineer, which was like another member of the band. We think the result is a reflection of that experience.
What are your future plan?
The future is... uncertain, so to speak. As long as the excitement in the band doesn’t fade away we will go wherever our destiny takes us. Trying to be heard, composing new material and giving our best on the stage to the people that follow us. We are waiting for you to share this journey.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We don’t think on a specific country but what we would like is to be part of a big music festival: meet other musicians - both novel and renowned - , share our experiences with them and learn from each other. And of course, to show what we can do to the masses of music fans.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
That’s a hard one. As individuals we can list a lot of bands of contrasting or even discordant styles. But thinking as Celticröm, ... well, the result will be pretty much the same. Jokes aside, we will look forward for the call of acclaimed bands who want us to open for them. We are available!

Any last words?
No more words, time for the music !!


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