Interview with Earthen Ritual, Stoner Doom Metal Band from UK

Interview with Earthen Ritual, Stoner Doom Metal Band from UK

Earthen Ritual is Stoner Doom Metal Band from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Erathen Ritual are Beej - Bass, Tommy Gibson - Drums, Paul Wale - Guitars, and Seb Overton - Vocals. Check it out.

Tell us about Earthen Ritual?
Earthen Ritual is a four piece Doom/Stoner band from Leeds in the UK Formed in 2016. They are Seb Overton on Vox, Paul Wale on Guitars, Beej on bass and Tommy Gibson on Drums. The Earthen Ritual sound has been described as a mix of Reverend Bizarre and Pentagram.

What are the lyrical themes of Earthen Ritual?
The lyrical themes of the songs are based around paganism, mythology, folklore, history and nature. Each song alludes to a particular piece of folklore or tells a tale of ancient times gone by.

What are your influences?
What influences the Earthen Ritual sound is very varied as a result of the eclectic musical backgrounds of the band members. Influences include Doom bands such as Pentagram and Black Sabbath and While Heaven Wept as well as more alternative rock bands such as The Chilli Peppers and Alice in Chains. Feedback from fans often comments on how Earthen Ritual is recognisable as a “Doom Band” but has a sound that sets it aside from the mainstream Doom Metal sound. This is because the influences within the band are so varied from Doom to Punk, from Alt Rock to Power Metal.

How were the songs written?
The bands song writing process is lead by Paul who writes and maps out the tracks on guitar before bringing them to the studio. Collectively the band then works together on the arrangement process to finalise the songs. Paul is the principle song writer and can churn out new songs, riffs and ideas at a rate that is phenomenal. The bands list of tracks to finish and new ideas to work on is massive. Much more to come with future releases already planned.

How did the recording process go?
We recorded the EP at Sasquatch Music Studios in Huddersfield UK. Our sound engineer is the owner Bob Crolla. Bob is a real talent in the studio and is a musician in his own right. We recorded each element individually and Bob guided and advised us through the whole process. The EP itself is a true representation of our work but is also testament to the professionalism of Bob Crolla and Sasquatch music studios. A major difficulty for the band was the departure of the drummer Chris Foster during the recording process. Tommy Gibson was hired as a replacement and his work can be heard on track 5 “The Cosmic Hand”, we are very happy to have Tommy on board as he is a fantastic drummer and has fitted into the band as if he was always meant to be part of the group.

What are you future plans?
The first release is the EP “Earth Verses” on the 30th Sept 2016. Following this the band will be gigging and exposing the EP across the UK and hopefully into Europe. The second release is being planned now as a full album with the intention of releasing this in 2017 and already discussions are in place with record labels. Earthen Ritual is keen to establish themselves on the festival scene and are looking for opportunities to play festivals across the UK and Europe (and further afield if anyone wants us). We have also discussed the potential for opportunities to release some limited edition double a side 7” vinyl releases with other bands. AS with all future plans they are fluid and changeable and as a new band we are keen to look at all opportunities that present. Anyone interested in working with Earthen Ritual would be welcome to contact us via our FB page at any time.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
The band aims to play in as many countries as there are opportunities to do so. 2016 the focus will be on playing the UK and breaking into Europe. Europe is of interest due to its thriving metal scene. Earthen Ritual are aiming high and will play anywhere where the interest and opportunities exist, naturally Indonesia excites us J as does the rest of the world.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Earthen Rituals aim is to make links with new and established Doom/Stoner bands across Europe and the UK. The bands dream support gig would be with Black Sabbath, although we would like to do this gig in the 1970’s and currently our flux capacitor is bust.

Any last words.
Thanks for your interest in the band. At such an early stage in the bands career we really appreciate the support and the opportunity to promote ourselves further afield than the UK. We will keep you up to date with our progress and hopefully one day we will meet.

Earthen Ritual:

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