Interview with IceThurs, Folk Metal Band from Russia

Interview with IceThurs, Folk Metal Band from Russia, Interview with IceThurs Folk Metal Band from Russia

 Interview with IceThurs, Folk Metal Band from Russia

 IceThurs, Folk Metal Band from Moscow, Russia. IceThurs are Loky - Vocals, Garm - Guitars, and Andrey - Guitars, Bass, Vocals. IceThurs gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Icethurs?
Garm – We are
a team of like-minded persons from different parts of Russia and with a different mess in our heads. Many musicians have participated in our band and finally the core of the 3 most tenacious persons was formed.

What are lyrical themes of Icethurs?
Loky – All our lyrics is semi fairy tales with
a Slavonic and Scandinavian connotation. But the most important is not folk, or rather not just simple folk. It’s what the folk has been transformed into. Not even in the understanding, but in the perception and feelings of a modern man. And my personal aim is my native language. I want to teach all the world how to speak Russian.
        The Squirrel nibbles the world tree where it lives thus being one more symbol of degeneration and constant change of the existing. And in our understanding everything is like being wider: there's no time, no space. The squirrel can communicate plainly either to us or Odin or Veles…
But it’s already our fairy tale for the album.
And as now Yggdrasil is made partially of concrete and our megapolis is its part, there should be a Door somewhere.
Garm – so the lyrics is about a lot of things but not about love as this theme annoys a lot as if nothing happens around… But finally we will pay more attention to the theme of Nature.
Andrey – We are people with different musical opinions and we want to make experiments and try to play in the different metal and rock styles. But the most important is to remember our roots, the roots of our ancestors, know who we are and express it in our music. It’s what unites us together.

What are your influences?
Loky - Manowar, Judas Priest, Queen, Scorpions
Garm – As for me, I like a lot of bands of different styles. Especially I would like to note Motorhead, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Scorpions, In Flames, Helloween, Ramones. Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Eluveitie. From our Russian bands –
Крематорий, Черный Обелиск, Чиж и ко, Алиса, Шах, and also our punks: ГрОб, Сектор газа, Пурген
Andrey - Accept, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Manowar, self-development and my own musical thinking.

Can you tell us about the Metal Scene in Your Town?
Loky – It’s like we have only one scene and the town is sleeping(((
Garm – There are talented people who play in the bands, play amazingly or write cool themes or do all together but normally they don’t live out till the second album… and then they fall apart or form a new band…
Andrey – There are world famous bands which are welcomed and appreciated but the town really doesn’t strive to develop the popularity of its new young bands. It’s ok for it to have the stream of famous bands from all over the world here.

Who are Your Favorite Russian Metal Band?
Loky – as for me, right now – Eldiarn and Arkona
Garm – to those I’ve mentioned above, I would like to add Arkona and especially their album Yav.
Andrey – Sektor Gaza
Loky – and I would also like to mention a band from Belarus - Dzivia) they impressed me so much)

How did you choose the cover artwork?
Loky – We didn’t chose it, we painted it. Moreover, each song of the album has its own picture.
Garm -  Loky painted everything, getting the ideas from the sense of our creativity.

How were the songs written?
Loky – my aim is lyrics and graphics) music is the aim of 
the guys) and also the melodic lines and chores are mine
Garm – 3 persons take part in the writing, me and
the bass player write the music and do the arrangements and then the material goes to the vocal factory.
Andrey – we took the instruments, got on a computer and started fantasizing.

How did the recording process go?
Loky – unfortunately, it wasn’t quick but we got a lot of new friends and acquaintances with very interesting people.
Garm – It was different from time to time. Some of the songs were recorded randomly and we redid and added
smth in the process. And other songs were made, well-rehearsed and recorded.

What are your future plan?
Garm – We’re working on the second album as we have a good idea we want to realize no matter what. There’s no sense to make concerts more often than twice a year in our town so we will be looking for the variants how to make a tour and promoting in the internet.
Andrey – to soar to new heights of musical ideas and fantasies.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?

Loky – I want to go to the North because…
smth unknown calls me there)
Garm – I want to see everything and to show myself))) bit I’m also attracted to the North. I’ve been abroad few times so I don’t have an extensive answer.
Andrey – and as for me, it doesn’t matter where to go, the most important is that people would be waiting for us and would meet us kindly.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Loky – with the like-minded.
Garm – I’m absolutely agree with Andrey in this question.
Andrey – the names of the bands are not so important because it’s important to make the concert bright and unforgettable either for the audience or for the musicians. And of course the most important thing is when people wait for the concert with a great desire to present at it.

Any last words?
Loky – I’m glad that the Squirrel has chosen us and I believe that we can do our best.
Garm – We shouldn’t stop no matter what, we will continue with the experiments, will be looking for our sound and won’t dwell on one style.
Andrey – We should go ahead without looking back. And everything will be ROCK-N-ROLL )))))

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