Interview with Jakem, Thrash Metal Band from Costa Rica

Interview with Jakem, Thrash Metal Band from Costa Rica, Interview with Jakem Thrash Metal Band from Costa Rica

Interview with Jakem, Thrash Metal Band from Costa Rica

Jakem is Thrash Metal Band from San Jose, Costa Rica. Jakem are Ángelo Alvarado - Bass, Fabián Mora - Drums, Lenin Zamora - Guitars (lead), David Campos - Guitars (rhythm), and Marcia Mora - Vocals. Jakem gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Jakem?
We’re a costarican thrash metal band formed early in 2011 by Marcia Mora on vocals, Lenin Zamora on Lead guitar, David Campos on rhythm guitar, Randall Golcher on drums and Angelo Alvarado on bass. Later Fabian Mora joined the band taking the spot on the drums instead of Golcher.

What are lyrical themes of Jakem?
We speak about current and important topics on today’s society. It can be seen as a musical critique on the society, government and mankind in general.

What are your influences?
The main musical composition is based on bands like Kreator, Demolition Hammer and Fear Factory which provides a complex mix of sound that we adopt and add our own touches to make a new sound.

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
Costa Rica’s metal scene is in constant reinvention, it adapts to the changes of times, however this being a tropical country in latin America it ressembles a minority. A minority that slowly grows in number.

Who are Your Favorite Costa Rican Metal Band?
We don’t have a favorite local band. We’ve enjoyed sharing stage with many talented bands and we know there are many out there we haven’t had the chance to play with.

How were the songs written?
Most of the lyrical inspiration comes from the global problems that affect all of us as a culture, as humans: corruption, extreme control, abuse of power, oppression, violation of culture and many more social problems.   

How did the recording process go?
It was quite an exciting time and we learned a lot. A first time experience for most of us. Luckily we got to work with people who knows the metal music scene pretty well and was patient enough to work with us until the final product was up to what we wanted.

What are you future plan?
Well, in a short term we are working on a couple of video releases for our new singles, also we are going to start the recording process for our first studio album and also there are some really nice tours coming that we are really excited about. In a long term we will start the composition process for our second album.
The idea is to continue working hard making more music, which is what we like, so we can reach more people with our music and its message.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We would love to play overseas (Europe), in the US, South America, to be honest we really enjoy any place where we can connect with the audience and we can share the music that we make here in Costa Rica

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Well of course we would like to play alongside any our influences but getting real currently there are several new bands that have a great talent and sound so for us is always a great feeling to share the stage with any band that has such qualities

Any last words?
Greetings from Costa Rica. We hope you can enjoy our music. You can follow us on Twitter JAKEMCRthrash, our Facebook is @JAKEMCRTHRASH, Instagram #Jakemcostarica and our YouTube Chanel JAKEM CR.
Thank you all!

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