Interview with Kosmos, Black Metal Band from France

Interview with Kosmos, Black Metal Band from France, Interview with Kosmos Black Metal Band from France

Interview with Kosmos, Black Metal Band from France

Kosmos is Black Metal Band from France. Kosmos formed in 2010 in Drôme, France. Kosmos will release theire 4th Album titled "Le Voyage" in November 15th, 2016. Vincent Manzanera gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about concept of your upcoming album "Le Voyage" and What are Lyrical Themes of "Le Voyage"?
Well, the concept is very simple and very personnal. Actually "Le Voyage" deals with someone who wants to approach the truth. What truth will you ask me ? I wrote the music and the lyrics as shamanism started to interest me. But not only, I like to read philosophy, and lots of things I've read are similar with shamanism, so I got inspired from these books too. The most important for me was to insert a clear message in this album. The truth will always come when you're back to elements, animals, nature itself, because we come from all of them. The truth will always come from your spirituality, which is different from religion. This album is also like a door that opens on the invisible worlds some people experience for long time. It's a kind of connection they didn't loose, that's why I'm talking about a man who can travel to the invisble worlds in the song "Le Voyage", but manage to never go back because he doesn't want to, the world he gets to during his trip is, for him, the truth.
I wanted something strong, the principle of light. In nature there is no good or evil, but we have this power, that's why I want Kosmos' songs exude light that humans are able to provide.
So to answer clearly, the 2 main topics are the experience of the invisible worlds all round us, and light from humans, I mean wisdom, kindness, no matter about the word you use, but something pure, friendly, unexpected as we're used to watching and living violence all the time.

Interview with Kosmos, Black Metal Band from France, Interview with Kosmos Black Metal Band from France
How did you choose the cover artwork?
The artwork has been made by xOv entirely. We worked together as I told him what I could see in my mind, there was such a mess sometimes, but my friend could finally transform my visions in a superb artwork. I Thank him for his amazing work !

How were the songs written?
I've written all you can hear on this album, except "Mountains are Talking", this is a sample from the full lenght album "Mountains" composed by nicoxpros.
I've not been spending too much time to write this album, actually the writing was rather instinctive than very cogitated, I just planned one thing, avoid complexity but efficiency. Well, some songs like "Le Voyage" are old, I just arranged the way it doesn't sound too crazy but efficient in relation to the message behind this album. Well, all the songs have been composed naturally, without thinking too much as I said, they're what I wanted to hear from them. I started from a theme using my guitar and let my mind do the rest. Sometimes I tried to compose something more complex like on "Shamanic Visions", but I went back to the raw version. I'm glad I made the right choice, it sounds better this way.

 How did the recording process go?
Pretty sporty ! I had to train myself a lot before going in studio for 3 whole days. On site I've played between 12 and 16 hours to be in time. It's a little stressful as you're face to face with yourself, I couldn't rely on other musicians, I had to record all instruments, except drums, on my own. But it's a nice experience, plus the guys I worked with were very friendly ! Talking of which, I thank them a lot !

What are your hope for "Le Voyage"?
My hope is to provide wellness to people who will listen to it, if at least one person feels good or better while listening to this album, it's ok I get it, it's superior than anything else. About Kosmos itslef, it would be nice it is seen as a solid one man band, with inspiration, with ideas. I have songs to record, inspiration to translate in music, it's just the very beginning as "Le Voyage" has the sound I expected, so I want to keep on. It's like a challenge, I want this album attract people about the topic and wonder what I mean, I want this album inspire people. I like to discuss, I like culture, so Kosmos is a project that provides ideas, a different outlook, so it's made to ask questions.

 What are your future plan?
I'm currently composing the next album, I confess it will be more cogitated, now I know what direction I want for Kosmos, I know what I want to talk about, so I can spend more time on how will sound the new songs.

Any last words?
Thank you for your interest in Kosmos, for this interview ! You do an amazing work ! Kosmos is still unsigned, and is interested in working a label.
You can purchase the new album from Kosmos' bandcamp :

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