Interview with Lord Mountain, Stoner Doom Metal Band from America

Interview with Lord Mountain, Stoner Doom Metal Band from America, Interview with Lord Mountain Stoner Doom Metal Band from America

Interview with Lord Mountain, Stoner Doom Metal Band from America

Lord Mountain is Stoner Doom Metal Band from Santa Rosa, California. They're Andy Chism - Bass, Pat Moore - Drums, Sean Serano - Guitars, and Jesse Swanson - Vocals, Guitars. Lord Mountain gave us some Information. Check it out.

Tell us about Lord Mountain?
Lord Mountain is Pat Moore on drums, Andy Chism on bass, Sean Serrano on guitar and myself (Jesse Swanson) on guitar and vocals. We started in 2013 I believe. Sean, Andy, and I started jamming in the shop after hours. Andy and I work at Faith Tattoo and that's where it all started. We had a couple different drummers come through but none really stuck around. A friend sent Pat our way and he worked out great. 

What are lyrical themes of Lord Mountain?
Our lyrics tend to be about war, religion, history, and mythology. Some songs are inspired by writers such as Tolkien, Lovecraft, and Robert E Howard. 

What are your influences?
There's a ton of bands that have influenced us. Sabbath,  Vitus, Early Judas Priest and Rainbow. Pagan Altar, Manilla Road and Cirith Ungol just to name a few.

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
There's always been metal bands and shows around town.  In the last few years we've been seeing a lot of cool new bands popping up. There's never really been a "doom metal" scene here but it seems like it's finally starting to happen. We have a lot of friends around town playing in some great bands. 

How were the songs written?
A lot of our songs were built around riffs I had been playing at home for years. I started jamming with Sean and we had a really similar playing style. We just started cracking open beers and the songs came together.

How did the recording process go?
The recording process was really fast and efficient. We played each song live a few times, chose a take, and over dubbed solos and vocals. We brought in just the gear that we play live with so we  didn't have to mess around finding tones. Once the drums were dialed in, we just plugged in and played. Harry Gale at route 44 was a pleasure to work with. 

What are your future plan?
We don't have much planned right now. Sean is living across the country and Andy is expecting his first child, so he'll be taking a break from music. I'll continue to write songs and we'll figure out what comes next. I have a family as well so I've never had a lot of time to devote to music. 

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
No plans to tour right now. I'm pretty busy with family and work. We'll keep playing the local dive bars for now. 

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Any bands that are basically just cool people. I don't really care how big a band is. We just want to have a good time and play with good people.


Any last words?
Everyone who has bought the ep, we sincerely thank you. We've never taken ourselves too seriously and it's really great to see people enjoying our music. 

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