Interview with Nathyr, Middle Eastern Progressive Death Metal Band

Interview with Nathyr, Middle Easetern Progressive Death Metal Band

Interview with Nathyr, Middle Eastern Progressive Death Metal Band

Nathyr is Prog Death Folk Metal Band from Egypt. Nathyr are Ajjallad - Guitars (lead), Isphalahar - Guitars (rhythm), Ashipu - Keyboards, and Assultan - Vocals. Nathyr gave us some information. Check it out.

 Tell us about Nathyr?
Once a vision back in 1997 that turned into an allegiance in 2009 then to a final transformation in 2014. This group of men have chosen to portrait the vision that dominates their imagination and completely share it with the world. A fine morph of middle eastern sounds with some grinding riffs and some wailing grunts will be sure to send you to outer space!

What are lyrical themes of Nathyr?
The closest  English translation to "Nathyr" is the word "Omen". If you attempt to walk through the tales that speak of either the history or the culture of ancient Arabia, you would notice that the process had always involved a nomadic narrator or a poet, who used to roam through villages and towns telling  tales in such a way that is not only entertaining to the ears and minds, but also moralistic and virtuous. In Nathyr, the lyrics are usually illustrate folk tales, epic battles, and theatrical scenes that are inspired by the history and culture of the numerous civilizations that inhabited the Arab/Middle-Eastern side of the world, they philosophically indicate "the omen" of a certain evil or eventual ill end, that is more related to the modern conflicts and struggles that are taking place in the same region.

What are your influences?
Our vocalist is influenced with avant garde, black and death metal. Guitars are a variety of influences, mainly melodic as well as headbanging and death metal riffage .Our keyboards are very orchestral as well as a wide array of eastern instruments. The drums are just extreme!

Can you tell us about the Metal Scene in Egypt?
Regardless of all the difficulties and obstacles the metal bands face in the middle-east, the bands themselves are evolving and are using newer music-making technology, that enables them of delivering their music and talent for the masses. However, the local venues and organizers devalue the bands that prevents them from being rewarded as they should be.

Who are Your Favorite Egyptian Metal Band?
Osiris & Sin Prophecy

How were the songs written?
Lyrical/Album concepts are written by Shathley, the main foundation of the music is done by Askar. In the preceding stages of building the music Keys and lead guitars are incorporated. Arrangement runs in the same manner of foundation then integration by all the members.

How did the recording process go?
We did everything in our own little recording studio in the mid town area of Alexandria,Egypt.Drums are programmed,guitars come in next, sometimes the keys first as they could be a guide for the guitars and lastly the vocals.

What are your future plan?
On the technical side, Nathyr is planning to enhance the entertaining experience by providing more realistic and attractive visual and audible output.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Negotiations are planned to take place with fellow Arab neighbors in the middle-east to perform together, as we also plan to move to the European zone where the folk and middle-eastern approaches in metal are more recognized and appreciated.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We love to play alongside bands that were inspired like us with the middle-eastern culture like Nile and Septic Flesh.

Any last words?
We look forward to being a role model in the Egyptian metal scene, we wish to reflect how music can be made without conditions or laws. Music is the international code we all speak and that's the way it should remain.

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