Interview with Thrasshole, Thrash Metal Band from Germany

Interview with Thrasshole, Thrash Metal Band from Germany, Interview with Thrasshole Thrash Metal Band from Germany

Interview with Thrasshole, Thrash Metal Band from Germany

Thrasshole, Underground Thrash Metal Band from Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Thrasshole are Andi - Bass & Vocals, Manu - Drums, Stulle - Guitars, Michael - Vocals, and Kalle - Guitars. Schweiger Michael gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Thrasshole?
Thrasshole is a 5 man army from the middle of bavaria. Founded in 2012. We have killed a lot of beers before the first song was written. Our sound is based on the roots of german Thrash Metal. It was never our intention to sound like destruction or any one else.

What are lyrical themes of Thrasshole?
I prefer not a special theme, i soak up everthing interesting like a sponge and then a new idea was born. This could be a legend about demons from the dark age, the baader meinhof complex, anarchy, agony, mental damages, fighting nazi assholes, fights from my past or it could be very funy things about drinking, thrashing and broken teeth after a bar fight.

What are your influences?
Bands like Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Tankard, Misery Index, Death, Master, Entombed, Devil Driver, Havok an TotenmonD are very importand for the Thrasshole Sound and flow.

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
Our hometown Ingolstadt has not a big scene and in the last years its always harder to play shows for Metal Bands. Thank god for having cars and expressways in Germany ;-)

Who are Your Favorite German Metal Band?
Mine is TotenmonD. Every member has an other favorite but Tankard is the favorite of Thrasshole. Rough, brutal and not sexy.

How were the songs written?
Every Song has at first a riff. We are working a lot of with gutra pro at home to test speed, rythm and compose the next riff. At bandpractice we are trying this together. If its perfect i am writing the lyrics. trying some new sounds on vocals is very funny to me.

How did the recording process go?
We have selected 5 songs from our live set. A short pre production. And 4 Days at the studio liverecording with hubi of gumomaniacs and first kill was born. Our wifes had a hard job, to cook and bringing some beer.

What are your future plan?
We are looking for festival and club shows in germany and the neighborcountries. A Album is in progress but i have no conctrete informations now. We want to play we love to rage live and destroy the fans.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
I think France, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and Croatia has a lot of sick headed metal heads and good beer. We should at first try their beer and destroy the stages. And woman they all have very beautiful woman ;-)

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Master, Tankard, Grober Knüppel (again), Sodom, Misery Index, Heamorhege and the sweethearts of Nervosa.

Any last words?
Come to our shows, drink some beer with us, destroy your fucking head while banging your head. We are Thrasshole we want you for getting sick!


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