Interview with Without Fate, Progressive Metal Band from Canada

Interview with Without Fate, Progressive Metal Band from Canada, Interview with Without Fate Progressive Metal Band from Canada

Interview with Without Fate, Progressive Metal Band from Canada

Without Fate is Progressive Metal Band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Without Fate are Martin Bersier-Carpentier - Bass, Nicolas Martel - Drums, Étienne Lafond - Guitars, Vocals, and Vince Mercier - Vocals. Without Fate gave us some Information. Check it out.

Tell us about Without Fate?
Without Fate is a prog and symphonic metal band that can almost fit with any metal genre. We compose music that we like and we are not afraid to bring any style in our music. ''Whatever is better for the song'' ''One of our biggest strength is that our influences are so varied. Vince comes from a background of punk and heavy rock like Guns N’ Roses and Pennywise, Niko has been looking up to Dream Theater’s Portnoy, Etienne has a strong classical background and learned guitar with the likes of Extreme as well as power metal (Rhapsody Of Fire) and prog metal (Dream Theater/Symphony X), Martin’s bass playing is also influenced by Dream Theater and Symphony X. All those styles together makes an eclectic mix that we are able to fit together because we thrive to better ourselves and are very opened to ideas. There's no real ego restraining our creative freedom. Of course, with our first album, we focused more on our prog/power symphonic style. But since we already started working on the second album (even if the first one was not finished recording!) we can see that it's already much more diverse.

What are lyrical themes of Without Fate?
The lyrics of our songs are quite down to earth. We mostly write about politics and social themes: the lack of true leadership from our governments, we want to bring people to realize that if we truly stand together there will be less injustice in the world, the different stages of grief and the fact that we look away easily at poverty or anything else that gets us out of our comfort zone.

What are your influences?
We have so many influences in our band! It's probably one of the reasons that we make progressive music. It's not only because we love progressive music. So, we are into Angra, Animals As Leaders, Dream Theater, Extreme, Megadeth, Myrath, Symphony X, Testament and probably many more!

Can you tell us about Metal Scene in Your Town?
The metal scene in Montreal is barely alive for new bands. Yes, you can easily find a place to have a gig, but it's hard to have people coming, even metal fans. It's easier for well-known bands and for certain types of metal. And of course, never plan a gig when the Montreal Canadians are playing at the Bell Center, you're almost certain to have an empty place. The metal scene is alive in our province, but it's not at its best. It's a cycle and we wait for its peak to come back.

Who are Your Favorite Canadian Metal Band?
Anvil, Dance Laury Dance, Distoriam, Kolony, Protest The Hero and Suddenflames.

How were the songs written?
5 out 6 songs were composed by Etienne, our guitar player, before the band was officially formed. Everyone worked their parts but In Via Veritatem is the first song we’ve worked on as a band. Trust in this band is immense. We all trust Etienne to come up with a nice moldable idea. We all know Martin will bring the idea further and expand the melodies or time signatures. We're sure that Nicolas will bring his ''game'' writing complicated but fitting drums but above all we have the strongest faith that Vince will be a princess and complain! Ha! Ha! We’re half kidding! He's more of a ''as I go'' kinda guy and does not share our enthusiasm in writing down our parts beforehand. That being said, we are rarely disappointed with his melodies and if we have something to say, he'll try something else without too much fuss...Well...He'll complain but with a smile.

How did the recording process go?
Etienne is the founder of the band and Vince answered an ad posted on the internet. They started working together 5 years ago, but it was difficult to find other members. So, two years ago, they decided to start recording the album, knowing they would find the missing members along the way. With the first drafts of the songs, they had something to show to others and Martin and Niko joined the band in early summer of 2015. They worked out their respective parts and recorded them during fall, winter and spring of 2016. Mixing was done during the summer and the album was released in September. It went quite well, we had a lot of fun, but it was a long process because we were looking for bandmates at the same time.

What are you future plan?
Well, our intention with our music, other than expressing ourselves, is to be heard so we have to share our music with as many people as possible. After, it's to play some great gigs, music is all about playing live after all! But most importantly, we think we need to play at some festivals, that’s where we can get noticed by people.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Germany during the Waken festival. We've always wanted to see a metal crowd of this magnitude. Brazil for the Rock in Rio would also be amazing and why not the Hellfest in France, it would be great to share our music with our French speaking cousins!

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Of course, we would like to play with Dream Theater because they are a quite common influence in the band. Symphony X, Blind guardian and Rhapsody Of Fire because these guys are at the top of their game and a great example to follow.

Any last words?
Prog metal is a style appreciated by a select few since it's an "out of the box" kind of music but if you are willing to drop your pre conceived notions of what music should'll enjoy what we do!
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