Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio

Francesca Vecchio, She's Painter and Illustrator. Frasesca Vecchio gave us some information about her Career as Illustrator. Check it out.
Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
 Mares of Diomedes or Dreich Mares of Diomedes or Dreich by Francesca Vecchio listed on this Blog as Best Doom Metal Cover in August 2016.
Please give a brief introduction of yourself, your career and your work.
Hello, my name is Francesca Vecchio and I was a painter and a decorator before becoming an illustrator. It’s been Three years since I’m creating artworks. Usually my imagination is inspired by thousands of thoughts, books, music and lyrics. I’ve never had a favourite subject : my style changes everytime depending on the requests or the idea that the opera must evoke. When I have to create something i know that it is already in my mind, like an innate vision lying in my brain which just needs an incentive to be put on paper. Having a band that feels totally represented by your work, then, it’s priceless.
Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
Black Dio by Francesca Vecchio
When did realize you wanted to make a career out of illustrating?
I never acted as an “Artist” in this field, I prefer to consider myself as a part of the audience. I began by sending my drawings to the bands (very simple things) and i had a positive feedback. Being a fan, I’ve always supported all the bands I liked as much as I could since I was a kid.. Probably i was encouraged by the people who proposed me my first work and, thanks to them, i became more and more confident with drawing : it was something I was doing with a different approach until then. Drawing without music was like an empty world.

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
Burst Bowel - Repelled Gift by Francesca Vecchio

What difficulties have you faced in transitioning into becoming a professional illustrator?
I’ve never had difficulties since I’ve always been into pictures and drawings since I was a child, also by studying the artworks of the records I was buying.
I’ve been drawing and painting for many years and I can tell you that the problem is not in the technique but in the being inspired. When you’re not raptured by the ideas and the music of a band it can be embarassing. Another issue is Me : I am very curious, so you I’m always trying new things and ideas, but sometimes I think that the final result s not that good.
Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
Mares of Diomedes - Dreich 2 by Francesca Vecchio
What do you like the most about illustrating?
The thing I love the most of my “job” is being in touch with musicians. I like to see newborn bands with their enthusiasm and their will to create something. Feeling part of this process is the only thing i care for.

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
Izo by Francesca Vecchio

What do you like the least about it?
To me there are no negative sides, it’s my passion! The only thing i don’t like is the lack of trust you can notice in who’s commissioning the work. It’s way easier to draw when your hand it’s free : when someone is dictating/imposing things on your work the whole production becomes sterile. There are lots of artists out there, if you choose someone it’s because you want him and because you feel a connection with him.

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Francesca Vecchio
1 by Francesca Vecchio
Who are some of your main artistic inspirations and why?
I’m attracted by preparatory drawings of the great masters or Renaissance, by the unusual contents of artists like Bosch or the improbable details you can find in traditional paintings like the ones by Francesco del Cossa, all the tonal revolutions of the following years, the Realistic and historic painting about real, concrete facts (which purpose is not just to amaze) but also Romanticism and his tales of dreams, nightmares and myths. The great engravers as Escher, Bresdin, Dürer and Doré are a very strong influence for some of my works.
Mondrian, Whistler, Turner and, most of all, my beloved Symbolism for the painting, because it develops also the illustration for the stories and poems by E.A.Poe, Verlaine, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé and Gabriele D’Annunzio by artists like Alberto Martini, Giuseppe Cellini, Sartorio, Mario de Maria etc..
At the moment I have various preferencies, Glyn Smyth above all.

What is the best advice you have ever received regarding your artwork and career?
Probably the best advice i have received is to not giving up. I have lots of supporters which are my very own friends.

What are some of your goals for the future?
My next objectives are : technical improvement, attending at all the gigs I can and giving artistic help to the new bands, which are my favourite.

Do you have a philosophy behind your work?
I don’t have a philosophy behind what I do. I have no real pretentions for my career, my luck is to being part of this great movement of people, music and art, so I’m ok with that!

Any last words
I am planning to design my website, in the meantime you can check me out on Facebook and Instagram.

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