Review: Sovereign – Ephemeral

Review: Sovereign – Ephemeral

Review: Sovereign – Ephemeral

Ephemeral, EP debut from Canadian Blackened Sludge Metal Band, Sovereign. This EP released on April 5th, 2016.

1st track, Ghost Of The Labyrinth. Sludge Riffs and Accoustic Guitar Arpeggio with Blackened Death Vocals. From Sludge change to Fast-tempo and Melodic and Slidge-tempo again. This song have an Iron Maiden influence, 2nd track, Submerge. Sludge, Melodic and Blackened Death. Sludge Riffs, some Blasting and Synthesizer effect. The Guitar Solo on this song so minimalist and psychedelic. The Accoustic Guitar lick on this song is Easy Listening and Exccelent. 3rd track, Sky Harvest. Started with Accoustic Guitar lick, this song is Blackened Death Sludge with Blues Guitar Solo. This’s Great ending, a combination between Sludge, Black, Death and Classic Metal.

Kvlt, and Sludge.
Score: 96%


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