Reviews: Axioma – Monolith

Reviews: Axioma – Monolith

Reviews: Axioma – Monolith

Monolith is EP debut from Avant Garde Death Metal Band from Italy, Axioma. This EP released on September 24th, 2016.

1st track, Hierophant. A good opening. A mid-tempo song and Guitars composition on this song are mixed betweed distorted & accoustic. And the Jazz Guitar solo is equivocal. 2nd track, Monolith of Fire. A mid-tempo Death Metal song mixed with Psychedelic, Jazz and Dark ambient element. 3rd track, Rinnegato. A distortion between Monster and Jazz. Sing like Monster and Avant-Garde. The Amazing Jazz.

4th track, Deception. 50% Clean Vocal and 50% Harsh Vocal. 5th track, Veil of Paroketh. More Brutal than previous tracks. Avant Garde Brutal Death Metal. 6th track, Reminiscence. It’s Crazy ending. It’s too Jazz and it’s too Great. When Jazz meat Monster.

A Masterpiece from Axioma in the beginning of their career. The Dark atmosphere and Jazz influence.
Score: 100%

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