Reviews: Countess - Fires Of Destiny

Reviews: Countess - Fires Of Destiny

Reviews: Countess - Fires Of Destiny

Fires of Destiny is Full Length Album from Countess, Dutch Underground Black Metal Band. Released Independently on June 30th, 2016.

1st track, Runenlied. Sadness Symphony and Clean Black Metal Music. A combination between sadness, and darkness. 2nd track, Fly the Battle Flag. A Black Metal Punk with beauty Guitar Solo. 3rd track, Fires of Destiny. Started with Accoustic Guitar lick, the Guitar Riffs is like 80s Heavy Metal, the Vocalist sing in Harsh & Clean Vocals and Folk Guitar Solo.

4th track, Rise of the Horned One. Thrash Guitar Riffs and Symphonic element. A Symphonic Black Thrash with Excelent Guitar Solo. 5th track, Plague Upon the Pious. A mid-tempo Black Metal song, 80s Guitar Riffs and Guitar Solo is a little bit Progressive. 6th track, Today Is a Good Day to Die. 80s Metal Guitar Riffs, and Classic Metal Guitar Solo. Combination between Darkness and Classic Rock.

7th track, Choir of the Valkyries. Talk about the Valkyries, mid tempo music, gloomy choir and diminished guitar solo. This is only Viking Black Metal song. 8th track, Treason of Kings. Easy listening Folk Black Metal song, and the Guitar Solo is catchy. 9th track, See the Ravens Fly. A Folk Black Metal with Punk element, and Great Guitar Solo. Greatest Guitar Solo on this album. 10th track, Bard Van Het Verleden. Longest track on this Album, a mid-tempo Black Metal song with some Accoustic Guitar parts. A song with a little bit Melodic and Progressive.

Majority tracks on this album are mid-tempo, but Countess play a Black Metal with 80s Metal, Punk Rock, Folk and Viking element.
Score: 96%

Reviews: Countess - Fires Of Destiny

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