Reviews: Evelyn - Psychedelic Journey

Reviews: Evelyn - Psychedelic Journey

Reviews: Evelyn - Psychedelic Journey

4th Full Length album from Evelyn, Polish Metal Band. Released on June 22th, 2016.

1st track, Synthetic Emotions. A combination between Laser Beam, Trance, Psychedelic, Space Ambient and Dubstep. A good combination of Modernity and Abstract Emotions. 2nd track, Destroyed Beauty. A Futuristic Instrumental Progressive Metal song. Fusion between Old School Progressive Metal, Techno, and Ambient. Dark Ambient part from 06:11 until the end, the Dark Ambient part is so Horror. 3rd track, Psychedelic Journey. With some Jazz element, Blasting Drum Machine, Blues Guitar Solo, Indian Folk, Techno, Dubstep and Horror ambient sound, this’s song really Insane and Psychedelic.

4th track, Transmission from Dark Matter. A Progressive mid-tempo song. Progressive and Electronic. 5th track, Intergalactic Message. Robotic Music with Ambient element, Blasting Drum Machine and Progressive Guitar Lick. Great Instrumental Progressive Space Metal. 6th track, Destroyed Beauty [electro-industrial version]. The Electro-Industrial version of 2nd track, a Great ending.

A Great Experiment Album, combination of Progressive Rock/Metal, Industrial, Dubstep, Techno and Electronic Music. An Album can make you Dance and Headbang.
Score: 98%

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