Reviews: Highlord - Hic Sunt Leones

Reviews: Highlord - Hic Sunt Leones

Reviews: Highlord - Hic Sunt Leones

8th Full Length Album from Italian Power Metal Band, Highlord. This Album released on June 24th, 2016 via Masacre Records.

1st track, Time for a Change. An epic intro like a soundtrack of Fantasy Films. 2nd track, One World at a Time. A Great collaboration with . Excellent Orchestration and He’s sing like a Beast, although some parts. 3rd track, Be King or Be Killed. Thrash Riffs and Middle Eastern Influence, this song describe you must be king or be killed by your rival. 4th track, Let There Be Fire. A song with Excellent Synth and Guitar Solo.

5th track, Hic Sunt Leone. Power, Thrash and Middle Eastern. 6th track, Wrong Side of Sanity. A Symphonic Melodic Power Metal song with Electronic influence. An Excellent Orchestration. 7th track, Feathers to a Bird. An easy music with great accoustic guitar lick, and an emotional song. 8th track Warmight. A song with Great Guitar Solo and Great Keyboard Solo.

9th track, I've Chosen My Poison. This song is very 80’s. yeah, 80s Metal with Modern sound. 10th track, Once Were Immortal.  An easy listening Melodic Heavy Metal song. 11th track, Full Circle. A good ending, combination between Progressive, Electronic and Classic music.

A Great Combination between 80s Metal, Classical Music and Electronic Music.
Score: 96%

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