Reviews: Horrenda - Neronian Times Demo

Reviews: Horrenda - Neronian Times Demo

Nerorian Times, an EP from Irish One Man Black Metal Band, Horrenda.

1st track, Neronian Times. Chaotic, and Brutal song. Acoustic Guitar and spoken words on this song made this song like a story. The Guitar Solo is Great. Chaotic, and Wah. 2nd track, Ríastrad. Raw, Flury, and War. 3rd track, Thermidor. Started with spoken word. Raw music, kvlt and psychedelic.

4th track, EYE. Raw, Noisy Chaotis, and Kvlt. 5th track, Brathadóir. Raw and Thrash. 6th track, Shodan. Dark Ambient and Experimental. A Dark Ending song.

Kvlt, Raw, and Thrash.
Score: 86%



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