Reviews: Misanthropic Rage – Qualia

Reviews: Misanthropic Rage – Qualia

Qualia, EP Debut from Polish Underground Black Metal Band, Misanthropic Rage. Released on June 2016 via Godz ov War Productions.

1st track, Qualia. The longest opening. Thrash Metal Guitar Riffs, Industrial element, Mixed Vocals (Harsh and Clean), Changeable tempo, Psychedelic, Viking Guitar lick, and Ambient. Great Opening, a Black Metal song with Viking, Thrash, Ambient, Psychedelic and Industrial element. 2nd track, Katharsis. Psychedelic, Kvlt and Progressive. Kvlt Music with Great Guitar Solo. 3rd track, K.I.N.G (Satyricon Cover). Ended with recycle song of Satyricon, K.I.N.G. An easy listening ending song, Dark and Psychedelic.

Started with longest track and ended with recycle song from Satyricon. A Great EP, although only 3 songs.
Score: 94%
 Misanthropic Rage:

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