Reviews: Saint Judas – War Within

Reviews: Saint Judas – War Within

Reviews: Saint Judas – War Within

Full Length Debut from Cyprus Prog Metal Legion, Sain Judas. This Album released on June 3rd, 2016. Saint Judas are Savvas Philippou - Bass, Marios Danos - Guitars, Maria Danou - Vocals, Kypros Karaviotis - Drums, and Vasos Kyriakides - Synthesizers.

1st track, Insomnia. Thrash Guitar Riffs like Megadeth, Fury Vocals, Heavy Bass Solo, Great Guitar Solo and Synth Jazz. 2nd track, Magica. Mid-tempo Thrash Metal song with Psychedelic element and The Beauty & The Beast Vocals. This’s Great song, combination between Prog Thrash and Psychedelic. 3rd track, Bleed. The music remind us like Old Megadeth, Heavy Bass lick made this song is so Groovy and Great Harmonic Minor Guitar Solo.

4th track, Candle in the Mirror. Started with Dark Guitar riffs and Psychedelic. This song is a little bit Doom, and from 02:49 tempo change to mid-tempo. Great Harmonic Minor Guitar solo and Rock n Roll on the last part. 5th track, Warrior's Tale. A mid-tempo Thrash Metal song with Middle Eastern influence, this song told about a Warrior. A mid-tempo sing with Great Guitar Solo. 6th track, Queen of Souls. A little bit Melodic, some Symphonic element, the Guitar Solo mixed between Classic Rock and Middle Eastern. A 80s Metal music with Middle Eastern influence.

7th track, Sledgehammer. A Heavy Metal song with Symphonic and Space Ambient element. 8th track, Rider. started with Space Ambient sound, this’s mid-tempo Symphonic Heavy Metal song. This song is Very 80s but with a little bit Space Ambient element and Guitar Solo is so Classic Rock. 9th track, Revival. A great ending, a Progressive ending mixed with Diminished and Harmonic Minor Guitar lick, Groovy Bass lick and Spce Ambient sound.

This album mixed of Progressive, 80s Metal (80s Heavy and Thrash) with Modern sound, Space Ambient, Symphonic and Middle Eastern. I’m very enjoyable this Album. Mid Tempo, Prog, Thrash, Middle Eastern, Symphonic and Space. This’s War Within, a Great debut from Saint Judas.
Score: 98% 

Reviews: Saint Judas – War Within
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