Reviews: Thy Worshiper – Klechdy

Reviews: Thy Worshiper – Klechdy

Reviews: Thy Worshiper – Klechdy

Klechdy is Thy Worshiper Full Length Album, this album released on May 25th, 2016 via Arachnophobia Records
1st track, Gorzkie zale. An opening with curious tempo. Avant Garde folk with The Beauty & The Beast vocals. 2nd track, Wila. Without distortion and The Beauty & The Beast vocals. 3rd track, Marzanna. It’s rather to Post Black Metal and Female Voice made this song is splendour. Prog and Post Black. 4th track, Halny. It’s more Slide Guitar and make us sligli tipsy.

5th track, Post coitum. Just Instrumental Folk song. 6th track, Wschody. Psychedelic, Avant Garde, Atmospheric and a lot Accoustic. I like a Heavy Metal song with Accoustic Guitar lick 7th track, Ziola. It’s too hard to descripe, but this’s awesome track. 8th track, Slonce. Mostly Folk, Without Female Vocal, Psychedlic and a little bit Drone.

9th track, Grzyby. Without Female Vocal, this song is too Psychedelic and Atmospheric. 10th, track, Dziady. It's a lot Black Metal and more Blasting. 11th track, Zywot. Angelic voice and excellent. 12th track, Anielski orszak. Great ending, and great experiment. A Black Metal song mixed with folk element and psychedelic element.

Great Avant Garde Folk Metal Album on this Year. Beast Vocal, Angelic Vocals, Psychedelic, Atmospheric and Dark. Buy Now, here.
Score: 100%

Reviews: Thy Worshiper – Klechdy
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