Interview with Kaatarakt, Folk Metal Band from Switzerland

Interview with Kaatarakt, Folk Metal Band from Switzerland, Interview with Kaatarakt Folk Metal Band from Switzerland

Interview with Kaatarakt, Folk Metal Band from Switzerland

Kaatarakat is Folk Metal Band from Swiss. They’re Gaëtan Reichenbach - Bass, Dylan Watson - Drums, Marty Kohler - Guitars, Nicolas Sanchez - Guitars, Yoann Giacomelli - Guitars, Malo Civelli - Keyboards, and Marvin Brand - Vocals. Marty Kohler gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Kaatarakt
Hello everyone ! Kaatarakt is a folk/epic metal band created in 2015 by 4 of its actual members. We are a group of friends who can be serious once in a while. Our efforts allowed us to play with big international bands such as Eluveitie and Welicoruss. We would like to take it even further and live unique moments with people who appreciate music as much as we do !

What are the lyrical themes of Kaatarakt?
In the begining the lyrics weren't really elaborate. It was a pretty basic theme of glory, honnor and tales but since the release of our first EP, we wanted something deeper. We did more research on Norse Mythology. In the future we will speak about what would happen after the Ragnarök.

What are your influences ?
We are really inspired by the folk Metal scene with bands like Ensiferum, Equilibrium and Finntroll but we are also really into bands like Wintersun, SepticFlesh and Fleshgod apocalypse to name a few. Atmospheric black Metal is also very influencial for us. There are too many bands to mention.

Can you tell us about Metal scene in your town ?
We can count a couple folk/death/black Metal bands with whom we can play from time to time. We are sure that there will be more and more Metal bands during the next couple years. 4 years ago, the only known folk Metal band was Hypocras. Now there are two more including us and Delion. Lots of new stages are available for local bands and it really helps to motivate the music community.

Who are your favorite Swiss Metal bands ?
We really like the band Gotthard and Weeping birth, a very talented one man band.

How were the songs written ?
Most of the time Malo (our keyboard player) composes the tracks on logic pro. Then he sends it to us by email and we all tell him what we think about the song. The band decides wheter or not the song should be added to the list. The time of composing depends on the inspiration. Therefore we can spend two months with nothing new and learn 3 new songs the next month. Malo also transcribes the guitar and bass parts for the band.

How did the recording process go ?
We recorded with a good friend Théo of "la licorne production". We spent 2 week ends in our rehearsal space to record it. It was a lot of fun and we were on time and therefore relaxed. Dylan (drums) almost did everything on the first take. We also spent 30 minutes to record the perfect burp at the end of "Flesh and Bones". It was really fun !

What are your future plan ?
Following the release party of our EP "Follow the Raven" we have gained enough money to record something new and we are really excited. We have enough material to record two albums haha ! We are going to select our best tracks and see what we can do with it ! We'd also like to perform live as much as we can in Europe !

Are there any countries you're interested in touring or performing and why ?
Germany is a country we really want to perform in. It's near by and there are lots of amazing bands there. Touring in Scandinavia would be a great acomplishment for the band since the style we play was born there. It would mean a lot for us because it would be the proof that not only our friends appreciate our music.

What bands would you like to play alongside ?
Like mentionned before, we'd love to play alongside every band who inspire us. If we had to pick one it would be Equilibrium because it's way too good ! If we had the opportunity we would be really in paradise.

Any last words ?
Thank you very much for your interest for our band and we really hope you'll like our EP !


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