Interview with Obliterated, Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Italy

Interview with Obliterated, Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Italy, Interview with Obliterated Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Italy

Interview with Obliterated, Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Italy

Obliterated is Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Pesaro, Marche, Italy. They're Stefano Viola - Vocals (lead) and Guitars, Adam Chahed - Drums, Dylan Benelli - Guitars, and Luca Renzi - Bass. Obliterated gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Obliterated?
Obliterated formed in late 2012 under the name of Doubtful Existence by Stefano Viola as a solo project.  Few months later our previous lead guitarist Jurgen Xhaferi took part in the project and then, while recording our first EP "The Dreadful Meaning of Being" we changed the band’s name and completed our first, yet unstable, line-up. Our current line-up consists of Stefano Viola (guitars/vocals), Dylan Benelli (guitars), Luca Renzi (bass) and Adam Chahed (drums).

What are lyrical themes of Obliterated?
In our first EP, lyrics are about nihilism, existence, fears and doubts. "Fragments of Infinity", on the other hand, focus more on metaphysics, astronomy and philosophical subjects. Our full-length album is going to deal again with this themes.

What are your influences?
Well, we classify our music as Progressive Thrash Metal with Death influences. Our songwriting is influenced by bands such as Vektor, Voivod, early Pestilence, Death, Demolition Hammer and Annihilator, just to name a few.

How did you choose the cover artwork?
Stefano got the idea about the artwork concept. The circles have a metaphoric meaning: the outer one symbolizes the spiritual world, something we can't see, surrounding everything ever existed (the second cirle); the internal circle stands for Time; its missing part is the sphere in the center of the art, that symbolizes Man in his individuality, as necessary part of the whole temporal existence. It's pretty difficult to explain, there's kinda an Hegelian philosophy behind it.
Our friend Ludovico Cioffi from Nightland drew it for us.

How were the songs written?
Usually Stefano writes music and lyrics for every song, it's a homemade process most of the times. It may sound weird, but some of our most appreciated riffs were written quite randomly on Guitar Pro and then played for the first time on the guitar.

How did the recording process go?
It was absolutely terrible. We started recording "Fragments of Infinity" during february/march 2015 and it took more than a year to release it. During the making of the album we experienced lots of difficulties: the computer on which our track were recorded and the one where a friend of us was working on the first version of the artwork suddendly broke down, abd becoming unusable; the audio interface of the studio stopped working too; two members left the band before we even had finished recording everything; some months later we had to record the guitar tracks again because of some technical issues.
Maybe there's even more.

What are your future plan?
We'd just like to play shows and spread our music. Our full-length will come out in a couple of years, so we will try to soften the ground as much as possible.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We're curious to play outside Italy, above all in Germany, Poland and Netherlands, the metal scene seems huge and so alive there. It's a bit early even to think about performing outside Europe though.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Touring with other emerging Prog-Thrash band would be absolutely awesome! We'd obviously love to play with some of our favourite bands one day.

Any last words?
Thank you for the interview, check out our Facebook page for any further news! Keep on supporting underground metal.


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