Interview with Selenseas, Power Metal Band from Russia

Interview with Selenseas, Power Metal Band from Russia

This’s our interview with Russian Power Metal Bans, Seleneas. Check it out

Tell us about Selenseas?
Selenseas is a Russian heavy/power metal band formed in 2010. The name of the band comes from a combination of two words: "Selene" (the goddess of the moon) and "seas". It literally sounds like Lunar Seas or the Seas of Selene.

Band members: Il’ya Sklyarov – Vocals, Denis Andrianov - guitar, music, Vladislav Tyushin - bass guitar, music, lyrics, arrangement, Ludmila Malaya - drums, lyrics, and Svetlana Abramova – keyboards

Recently we have released a debut EP, which is called: “V otrazhenii…” (eng. "In the reflection...").
Soon we will release a full album “The Outer Limits”.

What are lyrical themes of Selenseas?
Lyrical themes are very diverse: literature, philosophy, fantasy, mythology, art and cinema, etc.
For example:
“Zerkalo” (eng. "Mirror") is a mysterious story about the humans fears that bounded up with their own reflection. In this song Reality and Wonderland will mystically exchange each other because of human's imprudence and curiosity.
“Vremya” (eng. "Time") is a reflection of the ages and occurring events; eternal mystery of life, which all people tends to unravel so hard. Perhaps one day the door of this mystery will be opened.
“Nadezhda” (eng. "Hope"). The idea of the song is based on the "Interstellar" cinema story. The song tells that you should never give up, even in the most difficult situation, shouldn't lose hope. According to a well-known myth: the hope is the only thing that is left at the bottom of Pandora's box and the hope is a reflection of the faith in a happy future for humanity.

What are your influences?
Each of us is influenced by heavy, power and folk metal and other genres of metal.

Who are Your Favorite Russian Metal Band?
For Il’ya and Denis that’s Aria. Also Den like Cherniy Coffee, Cherniy Obelisk and Master.
For Ludmila that’s Rossomahaar.
Vladislav and Svetlana like Arkona and Acatonia.

What are your Favorite Russian Metal Albums?
The favorite album of Il’ya is “Noch koroche dnya” (eng. “Night is shorter than day”) by Aria.
Den like albums: “Geroi asfal’ta” (eng. “Hero of asphalt”) by Aria, “Golden Lady” by Cherniy Coffee, “One more day” by Cherniy Obelisk, “Maniac party” by Master.
For Ludmila that’s “Moscow - The Sanguine Reign of Terror” (EP) by Rossomahaar.
The favorite albums of Vladislav are: “Capoeira” by Teatr Teney, “Zerkala” by Acatonia.
For Svetlana that’s albums: “Ot serdtsa k nebu” and “Vozrozhdenie” by Arkona.

How were the songs written?
Music for our debut EP and forthcoming album was written since 2010 to 2012 by Tyushin Vladislav and Denis Andrianov (song “Vremya”). But the final version of the arrangement for the songs was finished in 2015.
Creating a music started with the riffs and melodies, which were complemented by arrangements and were transformed into the idea for the future track. When it was done, two authors (Tyushin Vladislav and Malaya Ludmila) wrote lyrics.

How did the recording process go?
EP was recorded in our homestudios and released in August 2016. Mixed and mastered by Sergei Lazar at CDM-Records.
Full album was recording at CDM-Records and Acatonia Records from September to November 2016. For this album we invited 2 guests for singing vocal parties: Sergei Lazar had sang growl in the role of malicious gin for song "Mest' Ifrita" (Ifrit's revange) and Dasha Hovanski had sang in the role of militant valkyrie in song "Asgard".
Also we invited Maria Scryabina for recording a flute parties to the song Ifrit's Revenge and Gamildzhan Mahmutov for playing the lead guitar and incredibly beautiful solo parties. 
Svetlana Abramova (keyboards Selenseas) as violin and Il’ya Sklyarov (vocals Selenseas) as cello played parties for compositions "Dante" and “Time".
We plan to mixing and mastering at CDM-Records again.

What are you future plan?
We plan released full album on February 2017. Maybe we will release English version of full album next year. Also we would like to do some touring to Russia and promote our music for worldwide. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of songs to recording the next few albums. Wait for our upcoming releases! J

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We think the dream of every heavy metal musician is to play on stage in Japan and Brazil, because fans from these countries are among the most dedicated to heavy/power metal in the world. Also we would like to play in Germany on Wacken Open Air, because it’s the most prestigious metal festival in Europe.
We would like to play all over the world to share our music with every metalhead.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Stratovarius, Edguy, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian, Masterplan, Alestorm, Powerwolf, Iron Maiden, Dark Moor, Elvenking, Freedom Call, Gamma Ray and our favorite Russian metal bands.

Any last words?
Thank you for your interesting interview and the opportunity to talk about our band. We wish you success in the development of your blog BDP METAL!
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