Interview with Warheat, Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France

Interview with Warheat, Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France, Interview with Warheat Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France

 Interview with Warheat, Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France

Warheat is Crossover Thrash Metal Band from Limoges, France. They're Maud - Bass, Flo - Drums, Nico - Guitars, Vass - Guitars, and Franck - Vocals. Vass and Frank gave us some information about Warheat. Check it out.

Tell us about your Warheat:
Vass: Warheat is a project that has existed for quite a few years and which has developed with time. At the very beginning, it was a solo project more turned towards punk black metal, but it has become more thrash crossover oriented, with the successive arrivals of Nico, Maud, Flo and Franck.

What are the lyrical themes of Warheat?
Franck: Warheat deals with the usual thrash themes which are mainly about a near apocalyptic future or a post-apocalyptic one: war, nuclear, enslavement (either political or societal), zombies...
Vass: We are great fans of Z-series and bad action movies from the 80's!

What are your influences?
Vass: Ha ha ha! It's a broad question. The list is long. To summarise, the current revival thrash scene (Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Evil Army...), old school death metal (Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Bolt Thrower...), some black metal bands (Impaled Nazarene, Midnight...) and some violent punk bands such as The Casualties. Without forgetting the cream of the thrash like Slayer or Sodom.

What are your favourite French Metal bands?
Vass: There are some of them. I can't say there is one French metal band that stands out, but I can name a few: Massacra, Can of Worms or Verbal Razor. I also take the occasion to advise you to go and listen to a brother band: Unanswered Rip. Frankly, it's war!

Interview with Warheat, Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France, Interview with Warheat Crossover Thrash Metal Band from France
How did you choose the artwork cover?
Vass: The drawing was made by one of our mates, Thomas C., drawer but also guitarist in Hatred Superstar. We really love what his work! To talk about the drawing itself, we think it really corresponds to the general theme of the EP, that is to say an Earth destroyed by the nuclear war and that even in space, humanity has been erased. Colours were added by Christelle Rama.

How were the songs written?
Vass: Often, I arrive at the rehearsal with songs that are 90% done and we finish them with the drummer. It happens that Nico brings a riff which will be integrated it fits well with the song. However, he has free reins for the solo part (it really isn't my stuff).

Franck: The lyrics are always written after the musical composition which often sets the theme depending on the feeling and the mood. Vass (rhythmic guitar) is the band's main composer. Most of the lyrics are mine (vocals), adjusted regularly by the other members, often for the flow and the vocal line to fit with the song. Vass also writes some sections or even a whole song since some of the themes are close to his heart and/or to fill in my laziness, as well as my lack of time and inspiration (laughter).

How did the recording process go?
Vass: We recorded nearby Limoges in an amateur recording studio held by Alex Von Gribish. We were doing it only on week-ends so it took us a bit of time. Altogether, we spent five days doing it. The mix and the mastering were done by Alex Von Gribish. For most of the members of the band, it was their first time in the studio. No need to tell you we had our buttock clenched, ha ha ha!

How do you think your music will progress in the future?
Vass: We plan on recording an album in Spring 2017. We already have six compositions ready. It's very stereotypical to say that as every band says it, but we will aim towards something more violent. I've been listening to a lot of death metal and crust recently and it can be felt in the compositions.

What are your future plans?
Vass: In the first instance, to promote or EP and find distributors in the international underground scene. To play more gigs, to find more contacts everywhere in France and why not abroad? We are open to any proposition.

Are there any countries you're interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Vass: In Brazil because as far as I'm concerned, they have the best thrash metal scene in the world with a state of mind “stuck” in the 80's. In the US because I love their revival thrash scene with lots of small groups which are hella good! And Eastern Europe as from what we've been told, there is a very passionate metal scene.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Vass: Toxic Holocaust of course!!!

Any last words?
Vass: Don't hesitate to go and listen to our music. You can download our EP freely on Bandcamp, with just your email address in exchange. There are also physical copies for those who want to fully support the band.
See you in the pit!
Stay Warfare!!!

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