Reviews: Cwealm - Odes to no Hereafter

Reviews: Cwealm - Odes to no Hereafter

Reviews: Cwealm - Odes to no Hereafter

Cwealm, One Man Melodic Black Metal Band from Gothenburg, Sweden. This’s our review about their Full Length Debut Album.

1st track, Saktmörkret. Just instrumental opening song. Church Organ and Dark. 2nd track, Pale Maleficence. The guitar lick is a little bit progressive. Yeah, it’s Prog Meloblack song. 3rd track, Wither, Tainted Crown. Full blasting song, a little bit waltz and classical riff.

4th track, Serpent of Rebirth. With a little bit choir and classical piano is solo, this song it’s really beauty. Melodic and Classical. 5th track, Black Gall (Poisoned Arrows). Just a Meloblack with Dark Symphonic and Gloomy Choir. 6th track, Nidhuggs Hymn. From fast to mid-tempo & fast again and shredding solo.

7th track, The Transcendent One. I think the guitar riff on this song is darker than previous tracks. 8th track, Kadavret. This’s insane song, full blasting and madness. 9th track, Ödesdödens Kalk. It’s folk ending.

When Classical Music combined with Black Metal, this’s Odes to no Hereafter!!!!
Score: 97%

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