Reviews: Gorgon – Titanomachy

Reviews: Gorgon – Titanomachy

Titanomasy is First Full Length Album from Gorgon, French Symphonic Melodeath Band. This Album released independently on May 21st, 2016.

1st track, Oros Othrys. Just orchestral intro like in Fantasy Movie. 2nd track, Arising Thunderlord. This song talk about Zeus. With the Splendor Symphonic composition and some Female Choir, this song descripe the Mighty of Thunderlord, “Zeus.” 3rd track, 3. Valley Of Redemption. Thrash Riffs and Neoclassical Guitar Solo. The Atmosphere and the Orchestration are Great. 4th track, Ashes And Blood. This song it’s very Middle Eastern. And the orchestration is so Splendour.

5th track, Titans Unleashed. It’s like Dark Tranquillity, but with Orchestral influence. 6th track, Oracles. Another epic instrumental song. 7th track, Everlasting Flame Of Olympus. Solid Drumming and Great Orchestration. 8th track, Elysium. This’s great ending. Longest, but easy listening.

This’s Symphonic of the Titan.
Score: 98%

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