Reviews: Haunted – Haunted

Reviews: Haunted – Haunted

Reviews: Haunted – Haunted

Haunted is Stoner Doom Metal Band from Catania, Italy. They’re Francesco Bauso – Guitars, Cristina Chimirri – Vocals, Valerio Cimino – Drums, Francesco Orlando – Guitars, and Frank Tudisco – Bass. This’s my review about Haunted Album.

1st track, Nightbreed. The Guitar Riffs like Black Sabbath, but Vocals like 90s Rock. An easy listening opening. 2nd track, Watchtower. Drums is monothon from intro until outro, but don’t disappointed. With a little bit Psychedelic element, easy listening song can be Good. 3rd track, Silvercomb. Noise, Psychedelic, Stoner and Blues.

4th track, Slowthorn. Just Easy Listening Psychedelic Stoner Metal song. ­­­Longer and Catchy. 5th track, Haunted. Yo Dawg, listen “Haunted” song titled ‘Haunted’ from Album ‘Haunted.’ This’s Longest track ending. Stoner, Catchy and Blues.

Yeah, this’s Good Debut. Stoner like Black Sabbath and 90s Rock Vocals.
Score: 91%

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