Reviews: IceThurS - Unlocked Door

Reviews: IceThurS - Unlocked Door

Reviews: IceThurS - Unlocked Door

Unlocked Door is Full Length debut Album from Russian Folk Metal Band, IcethurS. This album released on September 15th, 2016 via Bud Metal Records.

1st track, En Sjörövare Sagan (Пиратская сага). It’s Heavy opening, they’re combined Thrash Metal with Folk Instrument and Yells. She’s singing in Harsh and Clean Vocals. 2nd track, Gift (Дар). Folk Thrash Metal combined with Electronic music. Traditional and Modern. 3rd track, Compotator (Собутыльник). It’s Fast and very Thrash. Not, Folk. But, she’s sing like Beast and Angel.

4th track, White Road (Белая дорога). A Thrash Metal song with Folk Guitar Solo. 5th track, Loki (Локи). Tell about Norse God, Loki. She’s singing like an Angel and a Beast. Operatic meet Thrash Metal, it’s Great song on this Album. 6th track, Razguliai (Разгуляй). No Harsh and more Clean. Not Thrash, but more Folk. It’s very folk and I’m very enjoyable this song.

7th track, War. This song is more Melodic & more Electronic and Great Guitar solo. 8th track, Vengeance of Veles (Велесова месть). Mid-tempo and very Folk. She’s singing in harsh and clean vocals. Her clean vocals is very Folk. 9th track, Unlocked door (НЕзапертая Дверь). I think vocals composition on this song is Amazing.

IceThurS playing a Thrash Metal music with Folk element, Electronic element and Female Vocal.
Unlocked Door, a great combination between Folk, Thrash and Electronic music.
Score: 95% 
Reviews: IceThurS - Unlocked Door

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