Reviews: Kashgar – Kashgar

Reviews: Kashgar – Kashgar

Reviews: Kashgar – Kashgar

Self-title Full Length debut Album from Kyrgyzstan Black Metal Band. Kashgar are Blauth – Vocals -drums; Ars - Guitars; Warg - Bass; Max - Guitars; and Alex - Drums.

1st track, Half a Devil. A mad opening. Kashgar combined heavy 80s riffs, blasting and shredding trechnique. 2nd track, Tyan-Shan_Batyr. Blackened Death Metal song combined with a little bit Folk, and Progressive element and also Heavy and Melodic Riffs. This song is Rage, Dark, and Heavy. 3rd track, Scent of Your Blood. Aggressive and Chaotic music wwith Progressive Guitar solo.

4th track, Erlik. Combination between Doom, Black, Thrash and Melodic. This’s Erlik. 5th track, Albarsty. Thrash, Melodic and changeable composition. But I think it’s a little bit Metallica. 6th track, Come Down. Atmospheric on the intro,the music composition from slow to mid-tempo to blasting and percussion solo.

Kashgar, an introduction about the Darkness of Kyrgyzstan. Combination between Folktale with Black, Death and Thrash.
Score: 98%
Reviews: Kashgar – Kashgar

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