Reviews: Legati - Path to Synchrony

Reviews: Legati - Path to Synchrony

Reviews: Legati - Path to Synchrony

Legati is Power Metal Band from Chihuahua, Mexico. This’s my reviews about their Debut Album “Path to Synchrony.”

1st track, Dreams. A mid-tempo Heavy Metal song with Great Neoclassical Guitar solo and Excellent Symphony. 2nd track, Oblivion. The 2nd track is Great. Angelic Voice and Great Neoclassical Guitar composition. 3rd track, Where. Dislike previou tracks, this song is easy. Heavy, but not bad.

4th track, Noche de Luna. An Angelic song and the voice is so excellent. 5th track, Shock. It’s Angelic, Good Choir, Good Symphony and Excellent. 6th track, De Visu. Easy symphony and Neoclassical.

7th track, New Era. It’s New Era of Heavy Metal and Neoclassical. 8th track, Whisper Shade. It’s Neoclassical Power Metal ending.

Angelic Voice, Symphonic and Neoclassical Guitar Solo. Legati play the catchy music, but with excellent composition. However, She’s singing like an Angel and Neoclassical like Yngwie.
Score: 95%
Reviews: Legati - Path to Synchrony

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