Reviews: Lies Of The Machine – Freakshow

Reviews: Lies Of The Machine – Freakshow

Reviews: Lies Of The Machine – Freakshow

Freakshow is Full Length Album from Hungarian Symphonic Metal Band, Lies Of The Machine. This Album released on August 20th, 2016. This's My Reviews. Check it out.

1st track, First, it rings.... A sweet opening, variative vocals and a little bit noise. 2nd track, Psychocircus. For a mid-tempo song, this song to show high composition, variative vocals and high orchestration. 3rd track, Z-Waltz. Started with Church Bell, Church Organ and a Crow sounds. The Female Vocalist sing like an Angel, changeable tempo and folk element. Listening this song like back to Renaissance age.

4th track, Railnomads. Started with wind breeze sound, the  Male Vocalist and Female Vocalist singing energetic. Although a mid-tempo song, this song energetic enough. 5th track, The dishonorable death of the honorable Captain Vasilij. The Music it’s too Folk, and the music composition groovy enough & energetic. The Vocals style, like to allow a wave of the story. 6th track, Lick my Cog!. Progressive composition and the Vocals sing like a cabaret show.

7th track, Rise!. Energetic and Middle Eastern Melodic. This song is really Zest. 8th track, The last flight. Sadness and Anger, all in one on this progressive song. The Guitar Solo on this song is Great. 9th track, ...then curtains fall!. Beauty choir, male spoken words and sweet Piano. All in one.

When Steampunk meet Symphonic and Avant Garde. This's Freakshow from Lies Of The Machine.
Score: 100%
Reviews: Lies Of The Machine – Freakshow

Lies Of The Machine:

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