Reviews: Nordwitch - Mørk Profeti

Reviews: Nordwitch - Mørk Profeti

Reviews: Nordwitch - Mørk Profeti

Mørk Profeti is Full Length Album from Nordwitch. This album released on September 30th, 2016 via Satanath Records and Darzamadicus Records.

1st track, Mork Profeti. An instrumental Brutal Death Metal song. 2nd track, Dominion. Brutality, Darkness and Blasting. All in one on this song, Brutal song with Dark Guitar solo. 3rd track, Walker From Shade. It’s Brutal Black Metal and rather melodic. 4th track, Lady Evil. This song is very Melodic and a little bit Progressive.

5th track, The Call To The Ancient Evil. Brutal Vocal with Dark Riffs and Shredding Solo. The composition of this song still better than previous tracks. 6th track, To North Gods. Not Brutal like previous tracks, but I though it’s a cooling down song. 7th track, No Regret. Solid Riffs, Melodic and Old School Death Metal Vocal. 8th track, Messiah Of Death. An easy ending song than previous tracks. Easy, but Death.

The Brutallity of the Darkness.
Score: 95%

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