Reviews: Polyptych - Defying the Metastasis

Reviews: Polyptych - Defying the Metastasis

Reviews: Polyptych - Defying the Metastasis

Polyptych is Progressive Blackened Death Metal Band from Chicago, America. They’re Scott Skopec - Guitar, Vocals Howard Ruan - Guitar Frank Lato - Bass, Synths, Vocals Troy Hoff – Drums. This’s our review about Polptych 3rd Album, Defying Metastatis.

1st track, Silent Discord. It’s instrumental Psychedelic Prog Metal song. 2nd track, Scars of the Modern Age. Progressive, Black, Doom and Death. All in one song, but riff is more Black Metal. 3rd track, Windswept Fragments. Sing like a Monster and Devil with Dark Atmosphere and Dark Guitar Solo. 4th track, Feral Mind, Abstract Tomb. Black riffs, Progressive composition and Monster vocals. And with some heavy bass lick, this song is groovy.

5th track, The Decadent's Mirror. It’s a little bit melodic black metal with Growl vocal. And the guitar solo in ending quite to hold captive. 6th track, Echoes. Fast black metal riffs and blackened doom riffs in the ending. Like the title, the music on this song is a little bit “echoes.” 7th track, Crimson Halls. Atmospheric and Drone Doom Riff during 126 seconds. Blackened Doom riff, Death Metal vocals and Melodic. Good Melodic Blackened Death Doom song. 8th track, Lexicon of Oppression. The oppression riffs and fury vocals. The music of oppression.

9th track, Coalescence. Started with mid-tempo music, after accoustic part from 01:38 until 01:51 music change to fast, melodic, shredding and blast. 10th track, Triumph of the Swine. Fast, Blasting, Accoustic (From 02:57 until 04:08), Death and Melodic. 11th track, Defying the Metastasis. A great ending. Started with accoustic guitar & blasting, and then followed with black metal riffs and shredding guitar solo.

A Great combination of Black Metal, a little bit Doom Metal and Death Metal, a Progressive Black Metal Riffs with Death Metal Vocals. Dark Riffs and Monster Vocals.
Score: 100%

Reviews: Polyptych - Defying the Metastasis

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