Reviews: Sylvaine – Wistful

Reviews: Sylvaine – Wistful

Wistful, this Album released on May 13th, 2016 via Season of Mist. The Cover Art is too Abstract and Artistic.

1st track, Delusions. When the Angel sing of the void and sadness. The delusions of sadness. 2nd track, Earthbound. The Beauty and The Beast, but music composition is too atmospheric and a rather distorted. 3rd track, A Ghost Trapped in Limbo. A sadness song who tell about the limbo. The sadness atmosphere and gloomy.

4th track, Saudade. The atmosphere on this song is a rather echo. 5th track, In the Wake of Moments Passed By. A good combination between The Beauty and the Beast vocals with some accoustic guitar element. 6th track, Like a Moth To A Flame. More ambient and wistful. 7th track, Wistful. It’s too slow, too accoustic, too atmospheric and too wistful.

The songs of Confused, Sadness, and Wistful. Recommended for listening before sleeping.
Score: 90%

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