Reviews: Vitae Ex Novo - Fallen Utopia

Reviews: Vitae Ex Novo - Fallen Utopia

Reviews: Vitae Ex Novo - Fallen Utopia

Fallen Utopia is EP debut from Italian Underground Progressive Death Metal Band, Vitae Ex Novo. This EP released on September 18th, 2016.

1st track, Fallen Utopia. This song is too Melodic, the Guitar Riffs is too Thrash Metal and the Vocals is 70% Clean-30% Harsh. 2nd track, Empty Tears of the Children. A Death/Thrash Metal song without Guitar Solo and with Clean Vocals from 01:13 until 01:26.

3rd track, Rebirth. It’s Progressive Thrash, although there’s growl only 3%. The Vocals remembered us like 90s Rock Music. 4th track, Prisoners of the Hourglass. Changeable tempo and sompocition, also simple melodic riffs.  5th track, Cotard Delusion. The music composition is too abstract. Clean, Harsh and Whisper voclas, all in one on this song.

An Insane EP, Cookie Monster Vocals with Clean Vocals like 90s Rock Music and Thrash Metal Riffs. Fallen Utopia shows the Abstract Composition.
Score: 100%
Reviews: Vitae Ex Novo - Fallen Utopia
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