Reviews: Without Fate - Without Fate

Reviews: Without Fate - Without Fate

Self-titled Album from Underground Canadian Prog Metal Band, Without Fate.

1st track, Revolution Calling. An invitation for a Revolution. A Progressive with Good Choir. An energic opening. 2nd track, Lies. The Orchestration and Melodic parts, a great anger song. Anger combined with Progressive Melodic licks. 3rd track, Without Fate. An insane instrumental progressive metal song.

4th track, Rise Of Rebellion. A progressive rebellion song, a rebellion song against the Tyrant. 5th track, In Via Veritatem. It’s GREAT song, Without Fate combined Neoclassical, Symphony, Progressive and Modern Metal. 6th track, We are Blind. It’s Great song, Neoclassical Guitar lick with Neoclassical Piano and Progressive Guitar solo.

Modern Progressive Metal with Classcal Element and Revolution Lyrics. It’s Revolution Progressive Metal Album.
Score: 100%
Without Fate:

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