Interview with Absens, Progressive Metal Band from Brazil

Interview with Absens, Progressive Metal Band from Brazil

Brazillian Underground Progressive Metal Band, Absens. They’re gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Absens?
We're a progressive metal band with extreme elements from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. We aim to lead our listeners through various extremes in music, either with blast beats, growls or melodic riffs and clean vocals.

We got together in the beginning of 2015 and in June of 2016 we released our first EP, Embrace of the Waters. Our line up consists of:

Cezar Tortorelli - Vocals and Guitars, 

Fernando Spalter – Guitars,
Guilherme Bettini - Bass and Vocals.

What are lyrical themes of Absens?
We discuss life and human condition. Absens means "absent" in latin and, in Embrace of the Waters, we exlore the concept of "absence" in the personal and social level.

What are your influences?
We are highly influenced by bands such as Opeth, Periphery, Leprous, Gojira, Ne Obliviscaris, The Faceless, Tesseract, Devin Townsend and many others from this new "prog" scene.

Who are Your Favorite Brazilian Metal Bands?
Here in south of Brazil with have many great established bands such as Hibria, Daydream XI, Luís Kalil, In Torment, Scelerata, Krisiun and It's All Red and some great new born bands like Atlas of Conscience, Weakless Machine and Save Our Souls.
Outside the southern kingdom, there are some great other bands like Angra, Sepultura, Project 46, Torture Squad and Jack the Joker.
How did you choose the cover artwork for "Embrace of the Waters"?
Our producer (Tiago Masseti from Daydream XI) is also a graphic designer. As he knew the entire concecpt, we gave him freedom to create his best work possible. 

How were the songs written?
We first built the songs' structure with preliminary drum lines and the main guitar riffs. Then we created the bass and vocal lines, along with the complementary guitar work and strings. When we began the pre-production, we reviewed the songs strcuture with our producer, and the drum lines were rewritten by Bruno Giordano (Daydream XI).

How did the recording process go?
It was the first time that we recorded something, and it was very challenging! Besides the difficulties, we had a great time, we learned a lot by being creative under some pressure and time limits. 
We recorded guitars and bass digitally at Daydream XI's Cube and vocals were recorded at Monostereo Studio, both in Porto Alegre. Drums were programmed. We re-amped guitar at Dry House Studios, Porto Alegre, with Renato Osorio (Hibria) and bass at Black Stork Studios, Caxias do Sul, with Benhur Lima, who also mixed the EP. Finally, we mastered with Brendan Duffey at Norcal Studios, São Paulo.

What are your future plans?
We're currently working on some new compositions for our first full lenght and trying to book some concerts here in Brazil. We are still at our baby steps, slowly learning to walk.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We would like to visit every corner of the world! That's not possible now, but we hope really soon to tour in America, Europe and Asia.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
It would be a dream coming true if we could share the stage with any of our influences. Playing alongside with other bands such as Earthside, Animals as Leaders, Native Construct, Zombie Frogs would be sick too! 

Any last words?
We would like to thanks BDP Metal for this interview and the review of Embrace of the Waters, we are truly honored and happy that our music have reached so far!
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