Interview with Ground, Sludge Metal Band from Spain

Interview with Ground, Sludge Metal Band from Spain

Interview with Ground, Sludge Metal Band from Spain

Ground is Sludge Metal Band from Barcelona, Spain. They’re Marcos and Isaac.

Tell us about Ground?
We are two dudes from Barcelona who were searching to make loud noise and got in touch through the internet. We rehearsed for a couple times and we are still doing it, ten months later.

What are lyrical themes of Ground?
Lyrics are kinda secretive to Marcos (he's the one who wrote them), so... I really can't tell you their meaning.

What are your influences?
The most obvious are High on Fire, Sleep, Black Cobra. We both come from hardcore/punk, and we both enjoy some Trap Them, Cursed, Converge, Cave In, Pennywise... so let's say we got a bit of sludge, a bit of doom, a bit of punk and a bit of hardcore.

Who are Your Favorite Spanish Metal Bands?

How were the songs written?
Marcos has always lots of really heavy riffs. We just sit down and play those riffs, until we connect three or four and... that's a song for us. It comes naturally.

How did the recording process go?
The instrumental part of the EP was recorded in one day (from 8 to 10 hours) by our friend Héctor Baeza at Aqueron Estudios. Vocals were recorded some days after that, and that's it. It was amazing to work with Héctor and we are looking forward to record the rest of our songs there again.

What are your future plans?
Right now we are just playing some shows here and there and writing more songs. We work sloooowly but things are going great. We expect to have full length out before spring 2017.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Well, touring the USA would be great, as our greatest influences and the bands we love were born there.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
Sleep, I guess.

Any last words?
Thanks for the review and the interview, we can't wait to unleash the beast that will be our first full length!


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