Interview with Legati, Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico

Interview with Legati, Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico, Interview with Legati Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico

Interview with Legati, Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico

Legati is Female Fronted Pwer Metal Band from Chihuahua, Mexico. They’re Lluvia D. - Vocals, Edgar Hira - Guitars, Daniel Avila - Bass, and Jonathan Contreras – Drums. Legati gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Legati?
We are an independent band, we don’t actually classify under a specific metal gender, because our different musical influences that trigger the fusion of each individual style and bring us a really distinctive sound. We have been together 4 years now and we are just a combination of 2 musical styles classical and metal that we loved. Also combine different tempos and feelings, every single song it’s really different from each other, but always keeping Legatis sound.

What are lyrical themes of Legati?
The themes of Legati’ are more spiritual, related with inner awareness and mind awakening, perhaps every person can make their own interpretation of the lyrics and music, because they are actually made in a way that everybody can make them fit in their own beliefs, so far for us it’s the filing of our own spiritual growth that we wanted to capture in the songs and nuance of the music that start carrying you through the evolution climax and resolution of the lyrics and music combine

What are your influences?
Our influences are majorly related with baroque, classical and metal music, artist like Joan Sebastian Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven made a huge impact on our musical taste, Hellowen, Nigthwish and some other important metal and rock  bands as well  trigger the fusion In what would became Legati.

Who are Your Favorite Metal Bands?
We have so many favorites band that maybe it’s impossible to mention all of them, to say some Nigthwish, Sabaton, Hellowen, Iron Maiden, Dio, Dream Theater and  Angra.

Interview with Legati, Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico, Interview with Legati Female Fronted Power Metal Band from Mexico
How did you choose the cover artwork for "Path to Synchrony"?
We have the idea of capturing the combination of the time factor and destiny all Synchronized in one, because that’s the way Legatis idea grew up and developed, the time of collision of each member of the band was intended to happen in this particular exact time to become something remarkable. So we hired a professional artist to draw the idea of the sketch that we already have, and that’s how the artwork for path to synchrony was born.   

How were the songs written?
The way the music and lyrics it’s made, start with an idea, develop and growth that idea and finally we give shape and form, and the creation process it’s completed. The creative process involves each member with their particular taste, as long it’s something that remains faithful to the road and direction of the band.

How did the recording process go?
The recording process went   really smoothly mostly because the album was recorded mixed and mastered in our own recording studio. And that gave us freedom of time and we have the opportunity to improve and polish every aspect that we felt need to be fix.  We were really interested in doing something well thought without rushing things, to be really satisfied with the result.  It was produced by us also.
 Writhing the lyrics composition, music arrangements, art cover, photos everything that involves the final cd album took us 2 years.

What are your future plans?
We are looking forward start touring soon, just taking one step at a time, we need to finish some details first. We are working on doing promotion of the album. We will work on new music, keeping our sound. We are really positive about the future simply by being doing what we loved wish is music.
Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
Well we are interested at playing in Japan, England, Brazil, because they have really good acceptance of the metal music.

What bands would you like to play alongside?
We would love to play with Nigthwish and Symphony  “X”  to start.

Any last words?
We want to special thanks BDP METAL for the interview and interest in our music, we deeply appreciate that you gave not only us but all metal bands out there struggling to have a place in the music industry, the opportunity to share their music.


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