Metal Illustrator: Interview with Titian Graphics Art

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Titian Graphics Art

Metal Illustrator: Interview with Titian Graphics Art

Welcome to Metal Illustrator. This’s interview between Me and Tiziano (Titian Graphics Art). Check it out.
by Titian Graphics Art
Please give a brief introduction of yourself, your career and your work?
Hi, my name is Tiziano Spigno, and i live and work in Italy. I started my career working as publishing designer for several magazines and advertising. I also worked as videomaker and creative for commercials and videoclip.
In the last five years, I decided to focus on my musical career (I’m a vocal coach and singer for Lucky Bastardz), and so I created “Titian Graphic Arts” and focused my work as a graphic/video creative only for musicians, creating cover artworks, booklets, packaging, merchandise, advertising and lyric videos.

by Titian Graphics Art
When did realize you wanted to make a career out of illustrating?
I’ve always been curious about art at 360°: music, cinema, video, photography and illustration. I spent my teenage’s afternoons shooting shorts with my friends, singing and writing songs with my first band and drawing posters to promote our gigs. It was a pre-internet era: no smartphones (no mobile phones at all), Dos powered computers (yes, I am THAT old) and so you really needed to develope skills and unleash fantasy to reach your goals. I think I never “decided” to make a career out of my passions, it was a natural process: doing something because you love to, until others like what you do and ask you to do that thing for them too. Cool!

by Titian Graphics Art
What difficulties have you faced in transitioning into becoming a professional illustrator?
The most difficult thing is to really believe that you can live earning money from what you love to do the most. Most of the people  are happy to work to survive and limit their true passions in what they call "hobbies." For some time, I chose to stay in my "comfort zone" too, working as a graphic designer for magazines that I did not appreciate, just because I was guaranteed a salary while in free time I was dedicating myself to my music and vocal coaching. But, as my work as a vocal coach and singer was getting bigger, I realized that I needed to focus all of my time to what I loved the most. So I took a shot in dark, left my job and focused only on music and illustrations for musicians. It’s not an easy way, you need to reinvent yourself everyday, but beeing honest to yourself it’s the only way to make things right in the end.
by Titian Graphics Art
What do you like the most about illustrating?
I love the idea to have no limits, let my immagination fly and make my visions become real. I like to share my emotions: music, movie, visual arts, they are all paths to share your inner world with others.

What do you like the least about it?
Sometimes customers are rude, they don’t share your vision, think that “work with photoshop and illustrator” makes all easy and fast. And, by the way, there’s a lot of wannabees out there that work underpaid providing awful works. It’s a tough world, but I believe that quality pays, in the end.

Who are some of your main artistic inspirations and why?
Talking about cover artists, I love the work of Gustavo Sazes, for the strenght and amazing use of colors and the powerful visions of Felipe Machado Franco. I also love Frank Frazetta for his Conan’s illustrations, Frank Miller, and Magritte, the first artist in my life that shows me fantasy has no limits.

What is the best advice you have ever received regarding your artwork and career?
Do what is right for you, and not what you think is right.

What are some of your goals for the future?
In 2017 I’ll be pretty busy as a singer with the new Lucky Bastardz album coming out and a new rock band with its debut album, and – of course – I will develop cover artworks for both. I’m living the life I’ve always dreamt of, and my goal is to live every single day at the fullest.

Do you have a philosophy behind your work?
As I said, my philosophy is simple: do what you love to do, and love what you do. I accept a work only if it moves me with passion, as I worked “for money only” in the past, and I know that it doesn’t work. For me, at last.

Any last words.
Thanks a lot to Bdp Metal, for giving me the opportunity to talk about my work and my passions. If you like my works, and think I could be of any help for you, just come to my facebook page “Titian Graphic Arts” and contact me.
Goodbye, and live to share!

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