Reviews: Absens - Embrace of the Waters

Reviews: Absens - Embrace of the Waters

Reviews: Absens - Embrace of the Waters

Embrace of the Waters is EP Debut from Brazillian Progressive Metal Band. This’s EP released on June 24th, 2016.

1st track, Abyss. Excellent symphonic and gloomy piano. 2nd track, Abstinence. Djent riffs with Symphonic element. His vocals is so excellent, sing in clean and harsh vocals. Dark and Djent. 3rd track, Aberration. Acoustic, Djent Riffs, Great Guitar Solo combined Jazz and Neoclassical. 60% Clean Vocal and 40% Harsh Vocal.

 4th track, Absurd. The music composition is absurd like the title of this song. Breakdown part and Djent riffs, it’s made this song is more Grovy. Djent with Neoclassical Element. Outro of this song is amazing, excellent Symphonic with Breakdown.

5th track, Absorb. It’s great ending, from soft to hard and from hard to soft. Great combination between Accoustic, Djent, Clean Vocals and Harsh Vocals.  

Embrace of the Waters, it’s Great EP. Absens combined Djent, Classical and Progressive like Dream Theater.

5 tracks Madness, 5 tracks Insane and 5 tracks Amazing.
Score: 100%, Masterpiece.
Reviews: Absens - Embrace of the Waters

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