Reviews: Aenaon – Hypnosophy

Reviews: Aenaon – Hypnosophy

Reviews: Aenaon – Hypnosophy

From Bandcamp "Hypnosophy" is a portal to a glorious surrealistic journey. Full Length Album from Greek Avant Garde Black Metal Legio, Aenaon.

1st track, Oneirodynia. Saxophone sounds made this song is so excellent. Jazz solo on this song is so Madness. Catchy Melodic lick and Great Vocals (55% Harsh & 45% Clean). 2nd track, Fire Walk With Me. Saxophone sounds more dominant on this song, yeah that made this song more Avant Garde. The Guitar solo remembered us like 70 Progressive Rock.

3rd track, Earth Tomb. I think this song is more Progressive and Clean vocals is more Dominant than Harsh vocals so that too little Black Metal. But I think this song between Progressive and Black. 4th track, Void. The Beaufy and The Beast of The Void and The Progressive. Angelic Voices from Sofia Sari made this song more Magnificent and Her Harsh Scream on the outro is Great.

5th track, Tunnel. Groove riffs, Progressive  element and a little bit Punk. Great Choir on the Reff, it’s very Clean. 6th track, Thus Ocean Swells. His vocals like Morean (Florian) so that like Alkaloid, with Saxophone sound this song is more Avant Garde than Alkaloid. 7th track, Phronesis – Psychomagic. From Wikipedia "Phronesis is a Greek word for a type of wisdom or intelligence. It is more specifically a type of wisdom relevant to practical things, requiring an ability to discern how or why to act virtuously and encourage practical virtue, excellence of character, in others. Phronesis was a common topic of discussion in ancient Greek philosophy."
From Wikipedia "Psychomagic is the name of a therapeutic practice used by Alejandro Jodorowsky. The technique is alleged to be useful in psychotherapy. It combines art, Eastern philosophies (particularly Zen Buddhism), mysticism and modern psychotherapy to allegedly heal patients with emotional problems. The principle relies on the belief that the unconscious mind takes a symbolic act as a fact. So a symbolic act could accordingly help solve some types of non rational conflicts. These acts are prescribed by the therapist after having studied the patient's personality and family tree. This practice is shown in the documentary film Quantum Men, starring Cristobal (Axel), son of Alejandro, and directed by Carlos Serrano Azcona."
This song present the Softness and the Magnificent of 70 Progressive Rock music. The peak of the experiment that present Psych and Wisdom lyrics.

Great Experiment Album in 2016!!! Great Lyrics, Great Composition and Great Cover Art.
Score: 100%
Reviews: Aenaon – Hypnosophy

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