Reviews: Alkonost - Песни белой лилии

Reviews: Alkonost - Песни белой лилии

Reviews: Alkonost - Песни белой лилии

Full Length Album from Russian Folk Metal Band, Alkonost. Cover Art by Darius Alas.

1st track, Река. This song is more Folk Rock, and the composition is so catchy. This album st rted with easy listening track. 2nd track, Жемчужина. Cool ambient element, rather Drone, simple Drums, and Great Folk Guitar lick. This song more Metal. 3rd track, Русалка. Atmospheric elemen, Electronic and Folk element on this song a combination of Modern and Traditional. Great Synth solo, Excellent Symphony and The Beauty and The Beast Vocals on the last part.

4th track, Невеста лешего. From Slow to Metal. Cool Atmosphere and very Folk Guitar lick. 5th track, Сражение с бездной. Great Angelic vocals and catchy Folk Fuitar lick. From slow to blasting. Listening this song like us in Fairyland. 6th track, Ветер, вей!. Solid double pedal drums, Angelic voice, and Excellent Guitar lick. Mantap!!!

7th track, Травница. It’s very Atmospheric! Atmospheric and Folk Guitar lick, a great combination. Like in a savannah enjoying Nature sounds and Angel sang. 8th track, Хмель. Very Atmospheric Folk Metal song. With some Electronic element, it’s great combination between Modern and Traditional.

9th track, Птица-печаль. Atmospheric, Melodic and Great Choir. Started with acoustic and ended with acoustic. 10th track, Русалка (acoustic). Acoustic verison of 3rd track. It’s hear more Beautiful and more Folk. Ah, it’s really like in Medieval era. 11th track, Птица-Печаль (acoustic). This song is more Excellent than 9th track. Classical, Folk and Angelic Voice. Ah, it Great anding song.

Acoustic part like 10th and 11th track are good for cooling down after listening Heavy tracks from 1st until 9th track. Simple Drums, Catchy Folk Guitar lick, Angelic Voice and very Atmosphere. I think this’s Great Atmospheric Folk Metal Album.

This Album spoiled us with Great Composition of Atmosphere, Electronic, Classical and Folk.
Score: 98%

Reviews: Alkonost - Песни белой лилии

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